Norris Duckett III | Instructor, Lab Technician | Lancaster | Art Jobs
Country: United States
City: Lancaster
Industry: College
Professional Title: Instructor, Lab Technician

- About -

Norris Lee Duckett III is an multi-media artist based in Los Angeles California who works in mixed media focusing on social and cultural issues that lead into political imbalance. His work has been displayed and performed in Redcat, Imagine Entertainment, and more. Norris’s work is uniquely able to transcend and adapt to performance and gallery spaces through way of story telling; and is displayed in an edgy raw format that is universal. His captivating use of visual que grab your attention to engage with the work. He has earned awards such as the Fred Fredrickson scholarship. Also a CSUN alumni honors graduate. His life has inspired him to create the art he does; because there is a constant battle with balance in life.