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Sector: Theater, Performance, Contemporary
Country: Europe
Europe: Italy
City: Rovigo
Size: 2 - 10 employees
Address: Viale Oroboni 14 45100 Rovigo Italy
Phone: 0039 (0)425 070643

- About -

Opera Prima is, first of all, a festival dedicated to contemporary theatre, i.e. the kind of theatre that explores and searches for new languages. Secondly, it's a Festival dedicated, as the name already implies, to new creativities of the younger generation. Opposing the new customs of levelling out all the differences, accepting only what is already known and considered “in” and conforming every day more the posters of those Festival who should be dedicated to "new theatre" (but that, more often than not, are copy-pasted one from the other), Opera Prima Festival wants to host and give value to the variety of tendencies and researches going on in Italian theatres.

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