alex | Greetings Cards Designer | Oxford | Art Jobs
Country: United Kingdom
City: Oxford
Industry: Art Direction
Professional Title: Greetings Cards Designer
Specialties: Greetings cards

- About -

I am an enthusiastic, outgoing, flexible and motivated individual who thrives in working under pressure and on my own initiative. I am skilled at prioritising tasks and am highly organised and conscientious in whatever field of work I am involved in. I bring high levels of teaching and administrative experience, as well as flair and creativity to the workplace. I find it easy to relate to both colleagues and whoever I may be helping and find I get on well with all personality types. I am now looking for a challenging and varied job, relevant to the skills I acquired at University and utilizing the experience I gained from previous employment roles. In particular, I am aiming for a pro-active job that will stimulate me and lead to increased responsibilities and a chance to further my current experience and learn new skills in a new role. Education