Petrohradská kolektiv | | Prague | Art Jobs
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Sector: art community, Art Space and Artist Residency, Art Gallery
Country: Europe
Europe: Czech Republic
City: Prague
Size: 2 - 10 employees
Address: Petrohradská 13, 101 00 Prague 10, Czechia
Phone: (00420) 774 434 762

- About -

Petrohradská kolektiv is an artist-run initiative with its own cultural production and original dramaturgy. It’s a meeting point of experiments and contemporary arts founded in 2015.
The original idea behind Petrohradská kolektiv was to make a community space for creativity and art practice, where there’s a place for both efficient working and pleasant relaxing, where you can focus on your own projects and then take a break without the necessity of leaving the building.

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