Eunika Rogers | artist | Memphis | Art Jobs
Country: United States
City: Memphis
Industry: Art Direction
Professional Title: artist

- About -

I was born and raised in Eastern Europe - Czechoslovakia, but currently live in Memphis with my husband Scott … although that is debatable. I have recently changed my career. I left the academia, where I was a prof of graphic design and decided to be full time artist. My creative lifestyle and my husband’s adventurous spirit takes us to a lot of places - these last 4 months I’ve been wondering between Canada, Florida, Colorado and next I am heading to my homeland of Slovakia. My upbringing and my travels play a huge influence on my art and how I see things. I express myself primarily in painting - I paint with clay that I dig up. I find it on my travels and as an ultra distance runner - on long runs or hikes. I take my camera everywhere and document my journey and ideas that go with it.