Regina Hofmanova | choreographer, movement director, director | London | Art Jobs
Country: United Kingdom
City: London
Industry: Performing Arts
Professional Title: choreographer, movement director, director
Specialties: opera, argentine tango, dance/movement theatre

- About -

I am a choreographer/movement director with considerable experience in dance/movement theatre, opera and Argentine tango. In the past I produced a number of independent full length shows with my own Dance Theatre Company, I worked with an array of opera directors on their opera productions, be it as choreographer or movement director, collaborated with figure skaters, actors , singers and dancers with mental disabilities. My most recent commission, Après Rasage, for the NDM Ostrava Ballet has been on tour throughout Europe ( Germany, Italy, Poland ) and has been nominated for best choreography of the year in the Czech Republic. My dance film Steadfast has been screened at a dozen festivals globally. My video installation Year has been exhibited at the Maze exhibition in the prestigious Bargehouse in London. My work often combines elements of the absurd with a touch of dark humor and elements of the unexpected. At times described as quirky it often involves props. I enjoy working with individuals and like to bring out the personality of performers, be it dancers, singers or actors.