Steven Vanoni | Freelancer | Tallinn | Art Jobs
Country: United States
City: Tallinn
Industry: Creative Direction
Professional Title: Freelancer
Specialties: Greatest Living Painter and Voice Over Artist

- About -

I paint, create performance art, produce artcars, cut steel, sculpt with clay and have been actively exhibiting my artwork in galleries for over 35 years. I consider myself to be one of the greatest living painters on the planet today and laugh at myself as much as possible!!!. I have been an art's educator since 1987, ran a great art gallery for nearly 10 years, play music for 50 years; now occasionally performing with a few Estonian musical projects and Dj as much as possible. I have been performing spoken word since 1981 and act in film and TV when I can. I love doing voice over work and was a member of one of the greatest Circuses for 3 years..