Alpana Mittal | Artist/ designer | Bayonne | Art Jobs
Country: United States
City: Bayonne
Industry: Arts & Culture
Professional Title: Artist/ designer
Specialties: Oil, Acrylic, Beads Painting Mixed Media

- About -

In my childhood I was constantly surrounded by art and hence gained an appreciation for this form of human expression, at a very young age. In the college, I was mentored by a professor, who became a constant source of inspiration. It was this inspiration that made me realize that art must be a part of my life; and ever since my life has been revolving around art. I work with different mediums including oil color, acrylic color and water color. Blending, contrasting, shading and tinting of colors is my biggest passion. Most recently I have found a passion for working in pearler beads. I have been most satisfied with my work thus far and plan to spend a few more years trying to perfect this medium. I have always followed this quote by Patrick Snow, “When your dreams direct your life, your life reflects your dream.” And today I feel I can say that my life is reflecting my dreams.