Alpana Mittal | Artist/ designer | Bayonne | Art Jobs
Country: United States
City: Bayonne
Industry: Arts & Culture
Professional Title: Artist/ designer
Specialties: Oil, Acrylic, Beads Painting Mixed Media

- About -

Alpana Mittal “Tejaswini” is a versatile artist with creations in multiple mediums. She has successfully experimented with water, oil, acrylics and even beads on canvas. Her specialty is creating artwork revolving around modernization of traditional themes including, ancient Indian romanticism, folklores and legends. Born into an art loving family, Alpana was exposed to art and its appreciation from early childhood. She chose “Fine Arts” as her major and has a M.F.A. from CCS University, India. She also has an “Arts Management” diploma from New York University. Her major contribution to the World of Art is her creation using beads on canvas. In these artworks she has taken a play toy for children and created very mature artwork from it. All of these artworks have been created based on the visions from her dreams. Hence, she has appropriately named the series as “Dream Reflections”. This series uses fractals with a flavor of decorative patterns used for community and religious meetings across Asia, ranging from Tibetan Mandalas to Rangoli, the floor decoration art of south Asia. Alpana has displayed her art work globally in exhibitions and galleries and has been widely acclaimed for her multifaceted style. Her traditional painting depicting “Krishna” was judged “Best in show” in Hudson County Art Exhibition 2013. Several of her art pieces are in private collections in Asia as well as North America. The “Dream Reflections,” series by Alpana Mittal “Tejaswini”, comprises intricate pieces made with perler beads on canvas. The artist draws from a variety of inspiration, including the Rangoli artwork she used to make in India during the festive season, which she has continuously tried to recreate in a variety of mediums. In 2008, she purchased an art kit, as a Christmas gift, for her daughter. The little girl created small birds and flowers using the beads in the kit, at which point the artist started visualizing different patterns on the canvas with these beads and realized she found the perfect texture for her designs.