David Thompson | Photographer, Artist | London | Art Jobs
Country: United Kingdom
City: London
Industry: Photography
Professional Title: Photographer, Artist
Specialties: Fine Art Photography, Portrait Photography, editorial and advertising

- About -

Since graduating from art school (where he was a contemporary with Tracy Emin), Thompson has worked as a fashion and portrait photographer. Many international editions of Vogue and The New York Times Magazine have been amongst those featuring his beautifully crafted work. "In these images I'm exploring the humanity of my subjects' faces and bodies through a carefully structured photographic working process developed over many years of analogue and digital experimentation. I now produce these images in a very naturalistic, pared down way, using mostly daylight, and removing the distraction of colour. My intention is that the resulting images should be as much about the observer as the observed, and that they should come to represent "Man", or "Woman" in general, rather than just a specific individual."