Tom Barker | Artist | Clun | Art Jobs
Country: United Kingdom
City: Clun
Industry: Arts & Culture
Professional Title: Artist

- About -

I studied Fine Art Painting at Central Saint Martins in the 1980’s and have been a practising artist ever since, first in London and subsequently in South Shropshire. I suppose that the underling foundation of my work is a pleasure in the beautiful. I consider my work to exist in two parallel forms. Firstly the story of the image and secondly the relationships of colour and tone. When these two are balanced and in harmony I am very happy. My images use the powers of juxtaposition, reflections, of playfulness and irreverence. The Storytelling, I consider paramount, the viewer should be drawn in and engage with the narrative immediately, the image should be pulling the viewer in through intrigue and curiosity, and then fulfil its promise to amuse and entertain. Alongside this storytelling is the physical allure of the work. My recent work has been screen based in construction and with the quality of the latest screens looks bright and colourful. However whenever a work is finished and returns from the printers I am always amazed at he step up in quality of colour, of depth and the suability and range of tone. ‘Toby’ has been present in my work for the past five years, he first appeared outside our local public house in a rather botched attempt to assist a girl with her luggage ( At The Sign Of The White Horse 2016). He immediately seemed able to strike up a relationship with almost anyone from every walk of life. Since I have been sending Tobys out into the world to live with new owners it has been of great interest how many of those people have reported back on Toby's behaviour! “Toby has settled in well and is behaving himself at the moment” has been a typical message. He seems to be considered as an addition to the family perhaps a rather unusual new pet? But Toby, of course, will never behave himself for very long, it's not in his nature, it's not the point. Toby will always be a rogue and a rake, his tendency for outrageous behaviour is part of his charm and what is attractive about him. He bumbles through life making mistakes, gambling his fortune away spending outrageously on ridiculous fripperies and women easy virtue. I hope my work is both Irreverent and fun, I want the story in the image to amuse and entertain - I also want the pieces to be beautiful! I delight in the surface, in the colour and shape, the patterns of light and dark. I hope that the combination of the narrative and the physical image delights the viewer and entices them to want to take it home… It seems it often does.