Tomasz Cichowski | Artist, Photographer, Designer | Glasgow | Art Jobs
Country: United Kingdom
City: Glasgow
Professional Title: Artist, Photographer, Designer
Specialties: ACD (photo editing), Abstract painting, Branding & Design; concept; illustration; Drawing; Painting

- About -

My name is Tomasz Cichowski and I am a multimedia artist involved in five main artistic areas; drawing, painting, photography, installation and video art. I have graduated from Multimedia Communications at University of the Arts in Poznan. I have a string of successful exhibitions behind me, both in my own country and abroad, but this is not the important thing for me. The most important thing for me is passion about art. Just as important, or perhaps even more so, is making people interested in art and inducing emotions in them. Whatever I create, I create from the bottom of my heart. I simple use appropriate materials and media to project what is inside my mind. I often make elaborate plans of my future works and projects, but at the same time allow myself to act on impulse – and it is usually the constant observation of my progress that influences my decisions and makes my projects move forward.