Kaathleen Migliore Newton | Studio Fine Artist | Brooklyn | Art Jobs
Country: United States
City: Brooklyn
Industry: Fine Arts
Professional Title: Studio Fine Artist
Specialties: people, portraits, urban environment

- About -

I am a skilled painter and drawer of people moving in the urban environment. I like spontaneous attitudes in the figures I portray. I like to capture people in public places who remain in a private space or choose to interact. I love the diversity and dignity of the people around me. I graduated from Pratt Institute with a BFA. My interests in feminism led to mature work that was from a personal place. Then I turned to the scene around me and tried to capture more outward looking imagery. I received a Masters in TESOL and taught adult immigrants English as a Second Language. I had classes all over New York City and felt empathy with the students and admired their humanity and aspirations. This also inspired my painting. The figures in my work are of an expressive nature. The color is heightened and simplified. I also have done a series of people looking at art in museums and their connection or not to the images.