Vee Andrew | Artist, Painter, Scenic, Actress, Model | New York | Art Jobs
Country: United States
City: New York
Industry: Visual Arts
Professional Title: Artist, Painter, Scenic, Actress, Model
Specialties: acrylic and oil painting, Charcoal drawings, actress

- About -

Vee Andrew (artist name Vic P.) grew up in Ukraine, she studied in Crimea from 2010-2014 in Crimean Engineering and Pedagogical University, graduated with a Bachelor degree in monumental and decorative arts. She was working in Decorative Art Company CRART, creating gypsum reliefs for restaurants and corporate businesses. Moved to USA in May 2014, Lived and worked in Bethany Beach, Delaware, for almost 2 years, in search of better artistic opportunities moved to Philadelphia in November 2015. She started producing commissioned art work and started working for Upwork (Freelance Online Platform) as coloring book illustrator and graphic designer. After moving to New York City in November 2017, she started a job at Novo Arts (Art Fabrication Studio in Brooklyn) as an artist, fabricator, painter. She worked with venetian plaster, marmorino, stucco and gilding at another art studio, DANYC (Decorative Arts NYC). She worked as a scenic artist for Film Production for Horror Movie 'Separation'. Vee Andrew published 4 scientific articles about Japanese Art development and history (2009-2012). She had been exhibited in several small galleries in Philadelphia and New York. 'I started painting when I was 3 years old, this is my greatest passion. My love, my life, my only partner...' The development of style and genre began when she moved to United states. It consists of surrealism, figurative and mixed media. Influenced by Egon Schiele, Frida Kalo, Gustav Klimt, Basquiat, Hieronymus Bosch, Salvador Dali. 'The most inspiration I get from people around me, the whole nature of humanity and my vision of the world. I'm sending a message to each person that looks at my work. I feel that true art have to have a meaning behind it, not just to be a pretty picture, most people don't want to think, unfortunately, and I am trying to show naked reality of our lives. I am not trying to get anybody depressed, but accept the way it is and try to change it or make a piece with it, acknowledge that nothing and nobody is perfect and paintings don't have to just cheer you up. I'm reading a lot of psychology related information, observing people and do a lot of self-digging, that influences me a lot' Vee Andrew mostly paint with acrylics, oil paints and draw graphics. Vee Andrew is also aspiring actress and model. She participated in Diaspora Models International Beauty Contest NYC 2018, in October at Stage 48. She starred in Thriller Short Film 'Overstigmatized. Stigma Continues' and for Horror Trailer for web series 'Nightmare Nook'. Member of 'House of Supreme' (Kiki Ball Scene), best dressed woman category.