Viktor Megyeri | Photographer / Digital Artist | London | Art Jobs
Country: United Kingdom
City: London
Professional Title: Photographer / Digital Artist
Specialties: Advertisement and Fashion Photography, Photoshop, Digital Artist

- About -

I'm in love in any kind of arts especially in Digital Photography and Music composing. As a fashion and advertising photographer/digital artworker, I was lucky to work with actors, models, musicians and also contributes to many magazines, such as Marie Claire, Elle, InStyle, and Glamour. My style is colorful, filled with an array of emotions: happyness, softness and hardness, sensitivity, and sadness. There is a sense of vibration and intimacy in my art. Sometimes It's simple, natural and soft, but sometimes i slip through to the other side and i do lively shrill and harsh pictures. I always paddling on the sea of the emotions. I was born in Hungary so my roots bring a raw, bitter-sweet sensitivity to my art, but on the other hand It can help me to create something unique and original.