Valerie Trucchia | graphic designer, art director | Brooklyn | Art Jobs
Country: United States
City: Brooklyn
Industry: Art Direction
Professional Title: graphic designer, art director
Specialties: Brand Identity, Marketing, and social media

- About -

I am a French native with Italian origins, living in Brooklyn. French accent, Italian blood, and Brooklyn spirit is how I define myself. I am a well rounded creative professional with many years of experience in publishing and marketing. As a freelance illustrator and designer with clients from the cultural and creative world, as well as from local businesses, I have extensive experience in all aspects of design. I develop and unify the image of a business across their print and digital platforms, often incorporating my own illustrations or photographs, to create a unique brand identity. With each project I perform a variety of multidisciplinary positions, overseeing productions, timelines, and budgets, as well as managing people. I have developed the ongoing practice of researching and familiarizing myself with rapidly changing design trends and graphic tools. I am proficient with most software programs and a very quick study when introduced to something new.