Angelica | Fashion Illustrator, Fashion Instructor | Los Angeles | Art Jobs
Country: United States
City: Los Angeles
Industry: Fashion Business
Professional Title: Fashion Illustrator, Fashion Instructor
Specialties: 10+ years of Adobe Suites experience; Illustrator; Photoshop, Social Media Marketing

- About -

I'm a multipassionate fashionpreneur known for my illustrations and eccentric style. Most of my time is taken by artwork for clients,. My illustration style derives from my love of fashion and education in the fashion industry, which is why I draw figures with longer bodies and exaggerated flowy clothing. I've also always studied the human form and challenged myself to draw more realistic facial features. Each watercolor piece is uniquely created in my tiny home workspace shown in one of my pictures, and for digital art, I love to work anywhere I can take my laptop to get some fresh air. Time per piece can vary from 4-10 hours separated out into multiple days, so that I can capture your essence. I also challenge myself to create my own ideas any chance I get. My inspirations come from fashion in history, fantasy worlds, technologic music, astrology, futuristic architecture, cutesy things I love like cats and unicorns, romance, and personal story-telling. I also teach small workshops and 1on1 students in Los Angeles and online, share business and fashion knowledge in my VK Network, and I'm super excited about the fashion business and illustration programs I've been beta testing. In addition to teaching and being an artist, I have a big dream to one day build a renowned animal rights fashionable non-profit named Veltimera.