Vendula Kalinova | Artist, Fashion Designer | New York | Art Jobs
Country: United States
City: New York
Professional Title: Artist, Fashion Designer
Specialties: Visual Arts, Mixed Media, Painting

- About -

New York based Artist Vendula Kalinova; with her strong roots from Czech Republic, is an Artist behind multidimensional body of works. Her creations not only resemble her passion working with her hands but as a trained Designer in several fields, allow her to blend her Design skills with her Art that bring about a marriage of her passions. Vendula's evolution into painting allowed her to introduce another element into this union, and extend the range of her talents to express the limitless boundaries of creating. Her work is highly expressed through her own spiritual journey, and through which she explores the depths of Art. She finds healing powers within observation of an Art as much she does in creating it, and consciously hopes to capture such blessing in each and every work her hands get to touch; for it to share a subtle message of her own..  Vendula has landed on pages of Casa Decor Magazine, and LIC/ Astoria Journal Newspaper. Her work has been featured on blogs, including story in Behind Shapes of Fabric called "TR Cutting Masters From Around The World". She has won the "Most Seasonal" Category Award in IIDA Design Mix Show, and has exhibited her work in Weill Cornell Medicine Show, Holy Apostles Gallery in NYC, as well as in Online Exhibition "A Light in the Darkness" at Las Laguna Gallery, LA.  Shoe Manufactor Design -Trade School, Czech Republic Interior Design - Miami Dade College, Florida  Fashion Design - FIT, New York Fashion Design Residency - Otis College of Art & Design, California TR Master Certificate in Transformation Construction - Shingo Sato TR Cutting School Founder of Fashion Group "Sewing News" - Facebook