Vera Smiley | Vera Smiley Ceramics owner and director | Austin | Art Jobs
Country: United States
City: Austin
Industry: Visual Arts
Professional Title: Vera Smiley Ceramics owner and director
Specialties: Ceramic sculptures, decorative ceramics, clay monoprinting

- About -

Vera graduated from the Art University in Almaty, Kazakhstan. Her international life experiences accompanied her classic art school teaching. Like any artist, she followed the path of trial, achievements and interesting experiences. She dabbled in batik, oil painting, and graphic design, and she is very successful in those technics. Then she discovered that her interest was attracted to the 3-dimensional expressions. Vera works with clay as the main media. Her ceramic sculptures and decorative ceramic pieces are unique and outstanding. Good fortune allowed Vera to travel extensively and live in different regions of the world: North and South America, Europe and Eurasia, where she experienced different cultures and people. At that time she received multiple master classes in drawing and in ceramic technics, which expanded her interest in artistic expression. This difference in artistic traditions and schools gave her a broader approach to her work. Vera has exhibited and sold her work at solo and group exhibitions, which range from Kazakhstan, Russia, Venezuela, Canada, and the USA Since moving to Austin, Texas, she continued successfully exhibiting her works and she is the multiple awards winner in statewide art competitions and juried shows you can see her works on: phone: 512 954 5068 email: