Victorine Pasman | Theatre /costume Designer, Performer | Amsterdam | Art Jobs
Country: Netherlands
City: Amsterdam
Professional Title: Theatre /costume Designer, Performer
Specialties: costume design, headgear, interactive performance

- About -

Victorine specializes in delightful performances, eye catching costume design and styling. She designs street theatre in meter-high dresses and spectacular costumes floating on the water. Her performances playfully seduce the audience and invite you to take part in her wondrous world. An exciting experience that provides a different perspective on everyday reality and mesmerizes you! Her work has been shown at major festivals and cultural events in the Netherlands, including Lowlands, Oerol festival, Solar Weekend Festival,  Boekenbal, Gergiev Festival and Amsterdam Fashion Week. Abroad they are getting acquainted with Victorines work, she has perfomed at Odegand in Ghent (BE), Street Theatre Olala in Lienz (AT) Music for Sunset (IT), Festival de Musique du Périgord Noir (FR) and Musikfestspiele Sanssouci in Potsdam (DE). Commissioned Victorine produces unique costumes and performances for your photoshoot, film- or video production, festival,  campaign, opening, conference or corporate event. Among others she has made outfits & masks for the campaigns of WeGo,  for Fairtrade Gemeenten she created table dresses (inspired by a concept of A World Of BLISS) and for Teatro Pavana Victorine designed headgear for Le Dame and Le Ballerine.