Victor | Photographer | Berlin | Art Jobs
Country: Germany
City: Berlin
Industry: Photography
Professional Title: Photographer
Specialties: Shooting film, Form and color, Critical Thinking

- About -

I attended the Institut d'Estudis Fotográfics de Catalunya, where I learned the essential photography traditions and methods while still maintaining creative exploration. My work has been featured in several local galleries, in the years since I’ve graduated, I’ve been part of many artistic events . Currently, I’m working on several commissioned portraits and commercial requests. As an artist, I have worked with many mediums, but with a focus on analog photography in a documentary style. I continue to refine my technique and find new ways to capture the beauty around us. Photograph isn’t just an occupation to me, it’s a passion. I enjoy to portray different cultures and to understand the diferent ways of life. I aim to show new facets of beauty in every day images. Being able to share my process with others through this position will be a highlight of my career.