Youssef Riegel | Photo-Artist | Moenchengladbach | Art Jobs
Country: Germany
City: Moenchengladbach
Professional Title: Photo-Artist
Specialties: Eye for the unusual, Solution-oriented

- About -

People, objects, landscapes, ordinariness, unusualness, change the view, enlarge areas, reduce, distort, twist, see convex if the seen is concave and/or reverse. I try to be curious, unconventional and pragmatic to implement my ideas and don`t let myself be set on any art direction. When I look at something during the day or in the night in lights or something bright, then close my eyes, pictures are burning in my eyelids. I try to visualize these impressions and images. Sometimes these visions are grey-colorful, sometimes monochromatic colored, sometimes black and white. Intense colors, unconventional surfaces, depth of field to unsharpness and dissolve connections, that is, what I want to document in my Pictures. The results, however, are always interesting, multi-layered, have a certain depth and change the view of things, everyday, on an absurd and grotesque way. I try to make my works look like a painted and designed canvas. I hope you like it.