Zachary Woods | Head of Partnerships | Brooklyn NY | Art Jobs
Country: United States
City: Brooklyn NY
Industry: Art Direction
Professional Title: Head of Partnerships
Specialties: Creative ideation into execution, People skills, creative problem solving

- About -

Zachary seeks to curate simple yet profound moments enhanced by artistic vision and expertise in digital media, Through intentional experiential practices, it’s possible to afford people the opportunity to learn, think creatively and critically, and ask impactful questions that challenge one’s own personal ethos, relationships with others, and relationships with the environment around them. Zachary’s intent is to encourage everyone to tap into the individual right to creativity and curiosity. To truly see the world and intricate details that surround the senses. Everyone has the opportunity to share his or her unique perspective on life- the friendships, love and kindness, the fears failures, the hardships and great joys that come with this inexplicable existence and coexistence. Now more than ever, it’s vital for individual and communal reflection sparked by the invigoration of the 5 senses in a shared space. This is the most direct way to encourage discovery, change hearts and minds, and foster authentic relationships.