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Atmospheric Illustrations by Joseph Murphy


At its foundation, nature is vastly sublime. If we take a moment and stand in its presence, one begins to notice subtleties that often go unnoticed because nature inherently presents itself both with and without an exemplification of religion. This comprehension, in turn, creates a struggle with the participant due to symbolism and developed language. One way to approach nature, thus, is to empty oneself of partisan beliefs and learned behavior. Through the use of water, a natural element with mystical associations in literary text and an integral part of the cycle of natural life, it brings a changing of atmosphere that may awaken unique, individual feelings within us like a religious experience. 

By considering atmosphere and the cycle of water as ways to explore the world’s limitlessness, they become guides in bringing ourselves closer to atonement. Thus, I invite the viewer to stand in a presence outside of themselves. 

Joseph Murphy
Viviane Sassen
Jan Brazina
Greg Sand
Alison Blickle
Pat Perry

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