Modern Pictoralist


I think like most photographers who consider themselves pictorialists, esthetics is what it is all about, avoiding any and all commercial hooks. What is interesting and contradictory is that sometimes commerical interests see the difference in content and you sometimes get solicited, as was the case when Kenzo Perfumes approached me in the late 1990's for the perfume "Kenzo Jungle". As they told me at the time, they were looking for masters of silence and that they really liked my images. I liked their philosophy, and the perfume, and I agreed to participate with one of my photographs.
I've been doing photography almost daily since 1976 when I bought my first camera. The emphasis in my images is, and always has been the design elements in the content. 


Joseph Taglioni
Vogue, Mariamillan, madonna, highfashion, nipples, nude, topless
Yana Moskaluk
Jason Marc Wood
Michelle Hold
Grant Mallory and Maria Jacob
Ilia Shatokhin
Anna Garforth

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