Grease, Sweat and Tears

Grease, Sweat and Tears is a visual narrative of what occurs ‘behind-the-scenes’ of a typical club motorsport event.

This series of prints were inspired by photographers David Walker and Christine Pearl, whose projects Spectators and Last Car Running both described how a visual documentary about how sports can unveil an interesting story about the individuals involved, along with revealing the emotions one feels when watching or participating in these activities.

Alongside this, non-sport photographers such as Chris Steele-Perkins and Danny Lyon have also influenced me with adopting an immersive, personal investigation within my photo-shoots to reflect what one witnesses when attending these motorsport events.

The project is influenced by my passion and determination to pursue a long-term career as a motorsport photographer, whilst emphasising my ardour for club level motorsport. Having attended a number of these events in my younger years, and to this present day, I have been developing my photography skills in this context. I have found these ‘grass roots’ events to be more enjoyable to watch live and to interact with, rather than the televised international events that are influenced by money and politics.

This series of photographs also evidence that it does not matter what style of motorsport one watches, the passion, adrenaline and determination these families and friends share is universal across all disciplines, and is a true testament to grass roots motorsport.

Michael Holden