A Queer Vision Series

My names is Pauline N'Gouala I am a a black queer artist doing portraits. I define my approach as series dedicated to the LGBTQ+ community. Some of the portraits I have submitted have the rainbow flag included as backgrounds and aim to a give better visibility of the community; I choose to submit the well-known Frida Kahlo portrait that belongs to the "A Queer Vision Series" as well as an anonymous model name Antonio of the same series. Having collaborating with the photgrapher and visual Activist Zanele Muholi I did their portrait in 2013, it is a one metre square made in oil with acrylic spray in the background. All the portraits I submitt are in black and white for the faces and colors are used for the clothes and other details like the Lady Phyll's (the foundor and director of UK Black Pride )portrait where the jewelery and dress are in gold and  silver.

Pauline N'Gouala