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Su Di Lei


Natural resources like clay, rocks and other organic found objects in conjunction with new media informs much of my work. Often incorporating sculptural works that resemble the earth, or directly reference the use of soil, my interest lays in the displacement and homesickness that one’s motherland evokes. By repeatedly using these materials and notions that reference ideas of nostalgia and mourning in regards to landscape and family, ideas of fluidity concerning borders drift in and out of the works. Using photography, sculpture, moving image and archive materials, My work attempts to blur into a space of its own; origin and fiction create narratives of my provenance and her mother’s deracination. Place and memory; a reflection on its mechanisms and the subjective methods of adaptation towards new surroundings is revisited in Su Di Lei. By photographing, collecting and hand-making, I seek to recreate lost-soil through constructing my own narratives

Sara Sandri
Anna Brogan
Kalpesh Lathigra
Emir Šehanović
Ben Aronson
Anna Garforth

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