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Pale Space Gallery - Open call - DREAM

Open Call - Dream

Dreams, an enigmatic realm, an endless playground of imagination. Unfolding in the dark of night, they lead us through time and space, exploring the unknown depths of our souls. In our upcoming artist recruitment event, we invite you to join us in exploring this inspiring theme - "Dreams".

Dreams are both an adventure and a journey of the mind. They can be fiery desires, hidden fears, or indescribable joys. Whether in our daily lives or in the depths of nocturnal visions, dreams manifest in various forms and influence our existence in diverse ways.

$1,000 Evolution Grant

Art Fluent’s grant cycle is now open to individual artists through an international open call. The Evolution Grant will provide unrestricted funding to an individual artist with recognized artistic excellence in fine art media and a demonstrated commitment to their art.



Applications due by Friday, June 21, 2024 at midnight MST.



$1,000 to one visual artist each grant cycle. 

Unrestricted funds applied toward any expense to enhance the artist’s ability to create work.




At TOTO BANANA, we encourage amateur erotic photography with a grant of $ 2,000 USD biannually, with an easy application process on our website. Erotic photography, to us, is one of the most important category of photography. This is why we set out to create this grant. We want to know what is erotic for YOU! We believe a good photo is one that transcends mere visual arousal, is one that pacifies, that makes one delve into a sense of almost inexplicable beauty, gaze and charm. Doesn’t have to be complex or complicated, a photo can be very simple, very basic, and still give out the aura we are looking for. Photos can be full nude, part nude, in action, self-portrait, intimacy, whatever, however.

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