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Call for volunteers /arthouse in a rural space





The ELEVEN Art is Residence is an international residency program for artists – located in Starzach-Börstingen, Germany, near to the Neckar riverside. It is a self-administrated non-profit organisation. ELEVEN artspace wants to create an environment for inspiration – a place for artists where they can concentrate on their work, can experiment and play.

Two voluntary positions are available in 2020 / May 18th – Oct. 5th (10-20 weeks)

Call is open for all people, who are eager to learn and interested in art and culture.There are no restrictions according to gender, age or nationality.

Expectations towards the applicant:

● Someone is needed with a good knowledge of English (other languages and German an advantage, but not a requirement), who is good in dealing with social networks, skilled in craftsmanship, communicative, happy to be with people, well organized, eager to learn and interested in art and culture.
● As a volunteer you will learn about culture work in Germany, prepare a group exhibition, deal with social media, write stories about the resident artists, take pictures to document the AiR season. You will help us gardening, constructing. You will communicate, exchange, organize and experiment on that field. And there will be enough time for your own interests and work.

Prizes Details: 

You have a free accomodation and we cover the housing costs, incl. a German phone card, and a bike.

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ELEVEN_next temporary art project





Artist-in-residence program @ WENNFELD_HAUS

April – September 2020

The call is aimed at professional artists of all genres with no age or gender restrictions. The content-related requirement for the application is the artistic examination of neighborhood, house, living, rooms inside and outside, city utopias - temporally and spatially etc.

The so-called "Wennfeld Garden" has a long tradition as a residential area: Archaeological finds show traces of settlement at the time of the Alemannic seizure of the land in the 7th century and grave finds even as early as the Hallstatt period (800-450 BC).
The project house WENNFELD_HAUS is the last remaining building of the post-war settlement from the 1950s and will be demolished in November 2020. It clears the space for a new, densely populated residential area, the construction and settlement of which is already taking place.

During the gradual move-out of the last residents, before demolition, there is a temporary space in which the art and culture project builds a bridge between the past and the new, the "inside" and the "outside", the "top" and "bottom". The overall project WENNFELD_HAUS | next is an artistic-social experiment and lived utopia. "Next" is understood both spatially and temporally:
How do we want to live, where and with whom? How do we define “good life”?

3-4 artists live together in the house for 1-2 month(s) and can develop work on site in direct dialogue with one another and with regional artists and residents. This creates a continuous process of transformation of the artistic-social sculpture WENNFELD_HAUS | next.

The temporary artists' accommodations are set up in the rooms of two apartments that are already empty. They offer the artists room to live and work. The two project managers and the project office are also housed there during this period. The first workshops and events also take place in part in the two apartments. The living rooms are functional, there are 2 toilets and 2 bathrooms and a common kitchen. The apartments are not "anonymized" by a new coat of paint. They are cleaned, but otherwise remain in the living condition and traces of the last residents. In this way, the artistic examination of neighborhood and living begins with the "next" environment. The guest artists will be able to intervene directly in the existing state and in any sense leave other rooms for their successors - who in turn can further the process of change in their sense.

The project house is located on the south-eastern edge of Tübingen in the immediate vicinity of the so-called "French Quarter", a colorful urban quarter on the site of the former French military barracks (INFO: and to the two alternative car seats "Bambule" and "Kuntabunt" in the adjacent forest (INFO:

In the quarter there are many artist studios, cafés, bistros and the project partner, the “Werkstadthaus”.
Various bus lines take you to the main train station and the historic old town in 10-15 minutes, and it takes about 25 minutes to walk.

In the so-called "Werkstadthaus" there is free WiFi access for the participating artists and workshops that can be used to develop the respective artistic concept: a bicycle workshop, workshop for wood, clay and metal as well as a sewing workshop can be found there. The prerequisite for using the workshops is an introduction to machine use and safety measures.

The project house has a garden that can be used in cooperation. It could be played and designed as part of you artwork.

Open apartment
An additional apartment on the ground floor is gradually being transformed into a public space for encounters, exchanges, communication, presentations and events. At the same time, it is an open studio and material for all participating artists. Among other things, a passage to the garden is to be created here.

the so-called "Werkstadthaus" there is free WiFi access for the participating artists and workshops that can be used to develop the respective artistic concept: a bicycle workshop, workshop for wood, clay and metal as well as a sewing workshop can be found there. The prerequisite for using the workshops is an introduction to machine use and safety measures.

Prizes Details: 

To cover the ancillary and energy costs, all participants contribute with 300, - Euro / month.

A fee is paid for workshops and projects that are realized in direct cooperation with children and adolescents, which usually covers the incidental costs.

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New Talents - Take part in a photography exhibition in Berlin!





For the final exhibition of the year, we invite you to share what is at the very heart of your practice as a photographer. For this special occasion, we decided to change the rules and keep the theme open: we want you to show us what you have the most talent for. We would like to discover what really matters to you and intrinsically moves you in your quest for images. Let it be experimental, documentary, portrait, travel or any other approach to photography - show us your talent by revealing what is at the heart of YOUR work. This call is open for single images as well as series - all themes, techniques and styles are welcome. Inspire us by sharing what you are most passionate about!

The selected artists will take part in a collective exhibition at the gallery "Tête" in Berlin in December 2019.

Deadline: November 17, 2019

© image by Maria Kokunova


Entry Fee:

Fee Detail: 
5 €
Contact & Links: 
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