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Crossed by the current context, we think in the necessity of researching the possibilities of the artistic work, bounded by the social distancing provisions we look for alternatives of coexistence through the artistic activation of our Shop- Window. Different voices have drawn our attention to the increasing vigilance and control by the state and society in general.

Instructional Residency is proposed as an artistic device of visibility and reflection on the current context and its consequences, based on the appearance in the public space in a situation of isolation / social distancing due to the pandemic. Using the space of a commercial showcase beside the street, Belgrado’s Shop-Window becomes a device of aseptic exhibition, isolated from the viewers, the passers by that walk the Belgrano Avenue in the City of Buenos Aires.

We invite artists to send their proposals to carry out their work remotely in the Belgrado’s Shop-Window. The proposals will be sent as instructions, and Casa Belgrado team will carry out the works based on the artistic instructions of the selected proposals, (subject to) the human and technical resources of the space.


Site Specific, transdisciplinary transit between contemporary performing practices, performance, movement, theater and its possible expansions, to sound, multimedia and audiovisual art. We embrace intersections and experiences in hybrid formats of composition and presentation close to the idea of post-discipline.

Social isolation – body – home – virus and pandemic – control and surveillance devices – posthumanism – interior- exterior – dystopian futures.

The selected projects will have three encounters via zoom before the realization of the piece-instructive:

  1. -General presentation
  2. -Technical and artistic direction meeting
  3. -Technical and artistic tunning

Important considerations:

The residency has no cost for the artist

The pieces will take place totally inside the Belgrado’s Shop-Window

The exhibition of the pieces can last between 3 hours and 4 days

The access of the public to the Shop-Window will not be allowed

The costs of necessary materials and additional resources are the responsibility of the artist.

The realization of the pieces includes the audiovisual recording of them and their divulgation on social media

All details and incidentals not mentioned in this convocatory will be resolved in dialogue with Casa Belgrado’s team.

The human and material resources will be available for the proposals

The proposals will be received until july 31

The selected projects will be announced the first week of August.

The selected projects will be exhibited during 2020. Doubts and queries to


Human Resources
(Performers / Technicians Available)


Performing creator, born in Mexico City in 1982. His work is crossed by theater and documentary, the expanded scene and the artistic activism in territories marked by violence. Currently he works in the project “Ternura radical” (Radical tenderness), a scenic research of affective relations from a non binary perspective, reflecting on feminist, queer and decolonial thoughts.


Interdisciplinary creator, she works mainly in the field of

contemporary performing arts and cultural management, artistically exploring diverse territories and formats as installation, performance and puppet theater. Body, objects and their poetic power are the gravitational center of her research, her work deals with themes around visibility of violence and the idea of act-memory. Currently researchs in the creation of better proposals through tenderness and the activation of affections.


Electrical technician in audiovisual media and stage productions. Professional advertiser. Born in Bogotá COLOMBIA. Artist by vocation and researcher of the movement on stage. He works as a technician of different tools in production and post production. In his work behind the scenes, from Art Assistance and Photography Direction, he has made different proposals of work in Artistic Language Crossing, and participated in different film and commercial productions.

Material Resources:

Viewsonic projector Pa503x
Led projector
Audio console, 4 channels, 2 speakers Projection screen

Basic lighting equipment


Characteristics of the space and regulations for use

The selected proposals will be exhibited in Hall 1 of Belgrado’s

Shop-Window, which measures 4.25 x 5.25 m.

The large window that faces the street measures 3.00mt x 2.10

Carpet floor.

The use of fire, liquids, or corrosive, toxic or combustible substances is prohibited.

Drilling into walls is prohibited


Entry Fee:

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Shop-Window Residency




Open Call - The Belgrado Shop Window Residency 2020 - 2021

Crossed by the current context, we think about the need to investigate the possibilities of artistic endeavors, limited by the provisions of social distancing, we look for alternatives of coexistence through the artistic activation of our Shopwindow.

Located on Belgrano Ave. in the center of Buenos Aires, in an area with high vehicular and pedestrian traffic, close to squares, supermarkets, hospitals, subway stations and trains, The Belgrado Shop Window has a high flow of people that pass in front of it daily, even in this context.

The glass window of a former furniture store today serves as an exhibition space and contemporary art studio. The Shop Window is thought of as a device for experimentation, intervention and dialogue with the territory, a window into the public space, which, enhanced by this particular context, results in a device capable of generating micro-encounters with the passers-by.

In response to the communication that the Argentine government has had projecting the resumption of international flights for September 1, 2020, we call on artists of all nationalities to participate in the residences that our space offers from that date.

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Open Call R.A.R.O. Residency 2021




RARO. is a residency program created to generate spaces for exchange, creation and dissemination. It introduces a format that has the peculiarity of being itinerant, receives artists, curators, and foreign managers and from the Argentine provinces so that they can develop their projects in the different Ateliers R.A.R.O. of the city of Buenos Aires, and in parallel it generates talks, meetings, visits and samples that complement each project

Our residency program has an open call to carry out projects in person in 2021.

Contact & Links: 

R.A.R.O. en RED. Virtual Program for artists




In response to the current globalized quarantine produced  by COVID-19, R.A.R.O. Buenos Aires has decided to open the game and once again share its entire extraordinary network, only this time virtually. The R.A.R.O. en Red Program is designed for artists who are in a training process and who want to delve both technically and conceptually into their work, review texts and statements, apply for scholarships/grants and have advice from the R.A.R.O. Buenos Aires team, as well as advice from artists who are part of the network and who are also of their particular interest, due to the language they work with or for any reasons they want to explore. Those interested will have the possibility to choose up to 2 of the spaces of the R.A.R.O. Buenos Aires network with which online meetings will be coordinated.

R.A.R.O. en Red stipulates a total of 5 meetings, one per week, for full follow-up and support of the participants.


Entry Fee:

Fee Detail: 
$ 8,000 Argentine pesos for Argentine Artists or International Residents in Argentina / 200 USD for Latin American Artists 7 300 USD for Artists from the rest of the world
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We are extending our call for national and international artists and curators who want to develop a residence during the month of April in any of our ateliers. Also, thanks to the support of the Metropolitan Fund of Arts and Sciences we will provide a GRANT to an artist from the interior of Argentina under 35 to develop a residency during April.


Contact & Links: 

Faena Prize for the Arts



Faena Art, the international nonprofit organization led by Artistic Director and Chair Ximena Caminos, recently launched the open call for the 2016–2017 Faena Prize for the Arts. A biennial international juried prize, the Faena Prize for the Arts recognizes artistic experimentation, encourages post-disciplinary and temporal exploration, and promotes inquiry of the infinite links among art, technology and design. The 2016 edition calls on artists or groups of artists from all over the world to develop proposals for original projects that engage with the concept of time and duration while also interacting with the monumental architecture of the Faena Art Center in a significant way. Winning proposals will be produced for exhibition at Faena Art Center Buenos Aires in 2017.

Under the coordination of Ms. Caminos, the 2016 selection jury will include: Carlos Basualdo, Keith L. and Katherine Sachs Senior Curator of Contemporary Art at the Philadelphia Museum of Art; Achim Borchardt-Hume, Director of Exhibitions at the Tate Modern; Caroline Bourgeois, curator of the François Pinault Foundation; independent curator Jesús Fuenmayor; and Victoria Noorthoorn, Director of Museo de Arte Moderno de Buenos Aires.

Considered one of the most prestigious art prizes in the Americas, Faena Prize winners are awarded a total of 75,000 USD; 25,000 USD of which is allocated to the artist in unrestricted funds with a 50,000 USD budget for production to realize their proposal. The resulting work will be exhibited at the Faena Art Center Buenos Aires with the possibility of being adapted for Faena Forum in Miami Beach. Two special mentions will also be awarded, each with a 1,000 USD prize.

Previous Faena Prize winners are Cayetano Ferrer (2015), Fundación Vairoletto (2013), Martín Sastre (2012). Special mention awards have been granted to Nicolas Gullota (2015), Pablo Rasgado (2015), Santiago Sierra (2013), Sebastián Díaz Morales (2013), and Wilfredo Prieto (2012).

A catalogue will be released in conjunction with the exhibition of the winning project at Faena  Art Center Buenos Aires. The catalogue may be in digital or paper format. FAENA ART will  collaborate with the winning artist on the production of the catalogue.

Editors note: Unclear, but appears to be none.

Artists, both individuals and collectives, 18 years old and above are eligible to apply. Project proposals should be submitted online before August 10, 2016. Submissions may include interdisciplinary projects, installations, performances, paintings, sculptures, photographs, film or video, and work in design or architecture that reflects on, responds to and/or occupies the Faena Art Center in a profound and impactful way.


While maintaining the open call, this year’s Prize will feature a Nominating Committee that will include curators and museum directors from around the world. These nominations will be anonymous and will be reviewed by the Faena Prize jury along with all open call submissions.

The Nominating Committee will include: Abdellah Karroum, Director of Mathaf: Arab Museum of Modern Art, Qatar; Fernanda Brenner, Artistic Director of PIVÔ, São Paulo; Jessica Morgan, Director of Dia Art Foundation, New York; Lucrecia Palacios, Curator at Malba, Buenos Aires; Philippe Pirotte, Director of Portikus and Biennale de Montréal; and Franklin Sirmans, Director of Perez Art Museum Miami. The Nominating Committee will be coordinated by curator, Jesus Fuenmayor.


Faena Art is the non-profit organization that houses and produces post-disciplinary and time-based experiences. A catalyst for innovative, site-specific and immersive creative practices, Faena Art is a transformative bridge across the Americas, between the south and the north, the popular and the experimental. At the Faena Art Center Buenos Aires and starting this fall at Faena Forum in Miami Beach, Faena Art fosters new models for performative social interaction that transcend the traditional boundaries of art, science, philosophy and social practice. Ximena Caminos chairs and leads Faena Art.

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