Canelli (AT)

Terre da Film Festival 2022


Terre da Film Festival, an international festival of visual and performing arts, is a cultural event that aims to promote emerging artists, bring together different art forms, address current issues through the eyes and sensibilities of the artists involved.


The main promoters of Terre da Film Festival are:
Bassano24 artistic collective and the cultural association Cubo Events.

Terre da Film Festival takes place within the cultural events of the city of Canelli that will take place from 18th to 23rd July 2022. The awards ceremony will take place during the evening of July 23rd.


The competition has two categories:

Terre da Film Festival


The historical period in which we live is inevitably leading us to ask ourselves again who we are and where we put ourselves in the world. In addition to asking ourselves who we are today, we must also ask ourselves what our relationship is with others and how to include them in our lives.

At its first edition, Terre da Film Festival focuses on the theme of the IDENTITY.

Identity as choice.
Identity as a mirror.
Identity as a departure or a new point of arrival.
Identity of a place or a dear event.
Identity as a condition of perpetual searching.

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