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Latinoamérica Extendida: Europa convoca artistas Latinoamericanxs viviendo en Europa a que propongan obras en los siguientes formatos:
*documentación en vídeo de una performance

Las obras formarán parte de la primera edición del encuentro Continuo Latido Americano de Performance el cual será transmitido internacionalmente del 13 de noviembre al 4 de diciembre 2020. Las obras seleccionadas se presentarán virtualmente en el foro internacional del encuentro. Además, en diciembre 2020 las obras serán presentadas en distintos espacios culturales de Europa.

Temas posibles para desarrollar
– Lo fronterizo: espacios híbridos y fluidos
– Desterritorialización / Reterritorialización
– Realidad y vivencia migratoria
– Comunidades heterogéneas y nuevas afectividades
– Crianza intercultural
– Racismo institucional / cotidiano / carnal
– Ni aquí ni allá
– Exotismo / Orientalismo: ¿cómo lo enfrentó sin alimentarlo y sin perder mi identidad?

Cruzar el océano para migrar.
La historia del mundo es la historia de la migración. La historia de los nombres que se les ha dado a esos grupos humanos en movimiento: pobladores, migrantes, refugiados, colonizadores, expatriados, diáspora.
Nosotrxs cruzamos el océano para vivir entre los «conquistadores». En nuestro programa hemos decidido hablar sobre cómo y porqué llegamos aquí, y sobre todo cómo logramos quedarnos, cómo y porqué quisimos y pudimos irnos.
La fluidez de fronteras y territorios ha llegado a humedecer nuestra identidad. Habitamos espacios híbridos y fluidos de enunciación. La identidad y la nacionalidad son equivalentes y opuestas a toda hora.
Lo «Latinoamericano» desde “Europa” se vive entre redes expandidas, familias encontradas y otredades encarnadas.

– La obra debe ser de total autoría de lxs artistas aplicando.
– Puede ser obra inédita u obra creada con anterioridad.
– Se pueden presentar varias obras de unx mismx artista.
– Los vídeos no deben superar los 10 minutos (incluyendo créditos).
– Una vez seleccionadxs, la organización solicitará a lxs artistas un formato de calidad superior a fin de optimizar la calidad de la proyección.
– Lxs artistas seleccionados darán autorización (por escrito) para el uso de imagen, nombre, vídeos y textos dentro del contexto del encuentro CONTINUO LATIDOAMERICANO DE PERFORMANCE 2020, es decir, presentaciones, promoción y difusión.
– La participación en la presente convocatoria supone la aceptación de todas y cada una de las condiciones en ella especificadas.

Fecha límite de entrega de obras: viernes 18 de octubre 2020



Latinoamérica Extendida: Europa (Latin America Extended: Europe) invites Latin American artists living in Europe to propose works in the following formats:
* video-performance
* video documentation of a performance
* photo-performance

The works will be part of the first edition of the encuentro CONTINUO LATIDO AMERICANO DE PERFORMANCE 2020 which will be broadcast internationally from November 13 to 4 December, 2020. The selected works will be presented virtually in the international forum of the encounter. In addition, in December 2020 the works will be presented in different cultural spaces in Europe.

Possible topics to develop
– The border: hybrid and fluid spaces
– Deterritorialization / Reterritorialization
– Reality and migratory experience
– Heterogeneous communities and new affectivities
– Intercultural parenting
– Institutional / everyday / carnal racism
– Neither here nor there
– Exoticism / Orientalism: how do I face it without feeding it and without losing my identity?

To cross the ocean to migrate.
The history of the world is the history of migration. The history of the names that have been given to those human groups on the move: settlers, migrants, refugees, colonizers, expatriates, diaspora.
We crossed the ocean to live among the “conquerors.” In our program we have decided to talk about how and why we got here, and above all how we managed to stay, how and why we wanted to and were able to leave.
The fluidity of borders and territories has come to moist our identity. We inhabit hybrid and fluid spaces of enunciation. Identity and nationality are equivalent and opposite at all times.
The “Latin American identity” from within “Europe” is lived between expanded networks, found families and embodied otherness.

– The work must be of total authorship of the artists applying.
– It can be an unpublished work or a work created previously.
– Several works by the same artist can be presented.
– Videos must not exceed 10 minutes (including credits).
– Once selected, the organization will ask the artists for a higher quality format in order to optimize the quality of the projection.
– The selected artists will give written authorization for the use of the image, name, videos and texts within the context of the encuentro CONTINUO LATIDO AMERICANO DE PERFORMANCE 2020, that is, online and live presentations and promotion.
– The participation in this call implies acceptance of each and every one of the terms specified therein.

Deadline: Friday 18 October 2020


Entry Fee:

Contact & Links: 

ArtConnect x Modulor Open Call | Material Hybdrids





Show us projects that combine different materials in unique and interesting ways. Win prizes from Modulor to choose from their huge selection of professional art supplies and get featured in ArtConnect’s Magazine as well as Modulor’s own magazine for creatives.

How do materials inspire you and enter into your artistic process? What combinations of materials excite you? Show us projects that you think combine materials in fascinating ways.

This open call is created especially with the new school year in mind and is open to students registered at art schools in Europe. Projects may be either digital or analog as long as they incorporate and highlight at least two materials in combination or juxtaposition.

We want to make it possible for you to take some risks and experiment with new materials and that’s why we developed this open call together with Modulor.


*Currently enrolled as a student in a fine art program in Europe
*An up-to-date ArtConnect artist profile
*Publish the work as a Project on ArtConnect with max. 10 images or one audiovisual sample (max duration 5 min.)
*Describe how this project is related to the theme of material hybrids.

Prize summary: 
250 euros total in art supplies
Prizes Details: 


1 x First prize winner will receive:

1 x 150 euro voucher redeemable at Modulor’s online store

2 x Runners-up will receive:

1 x 50 euro voucher redeemable at Modulor’s online store

All three projects will be:

Featured in ArtConnect Magazine

Featured in Modulor’s Online Magazine

Have their work shared on both Modulor and ArtConnect’s social media to an audience of art lovers, professionals, and collectors


Entry Fee:

Fee Detail: 
Free to Submit
Contact & Links: 

Lucca Biennale Paper art Indoor





This Call for Entries invites artists from around the world to make themselves heard, by using paper.
The Biennale aims to create motivations and ways of comparison for the artists who decide to get
involved, "to educate” on what is beautiful but also and above all, break the patterns and create new
points of view.

The contest, open to professional and emerging artists, aims to select works, performances, ideas
involving the use of paper and derivatives focusing on originality and / or a bold, unique and
innovative use. The final selection will include the exhibition of works and the creation of
performances in the venues of the Biennale.

The primary requirement is the use of paper and its derivatives. The call is open to all artists who are
over 18. All art forms are allowed.
Participation involves a minimum of one workpiece to a maximum of 20 pieces with the exclusion of:
- Video Art and / or Digital Graphics: video, film, works with animation techniques on any digital and
analogue support. Only one proposal can be submitted;
- Performance: Only one proposal by one or more artists can be submitted.



Entry Fee:

Fee Detail: 
Contact & Links: 

PARALLEL Open Call Artists + Cuartors 2019




This call aims to select 30 new artists and 6 new curators working with photography to participate in the PARALLEL Platform 3rd Cycle, occurring between September 2019 and November 2020. 


Those selected will be taking part in an innovative creative process, from the very beginning to the moment of the exhibition, together with 36 other new curators and artists. The jurors are looking for new curators who satisfy the following criteria:

– are in the early stages of their career; 

– show significant artistic potential; 

– have an artistic engaged with contemporary discourse; 

– haven’t yet attained international recognition;

– have had NO MORE than 3 individual exhibitions in a museum/gallery/festival (ARTISTS);

– have had NO MORE than 6 collective exhibitions in a museum/gallery/festival (ARTISTS);

– have curated NO MORE than 3 exhibitions in a museum/gallery/festival (CURATORS).


The call is open internationally to new artists and new curators of all ages working with photography. The selection will take into account gender balance and overall diversity. There’s no compulsory theme, all work is appreciated.

PARALLEL working language is English; therefore all applicants must understand, speak, read and write in English.

Fee Detail: 
Contact & Links: 

Open Call dance teachers - MeetShareDance festival






Open call for teachers at VIII. MeetShareDance international/workshop/dance festival 

BELFAST (Northern Ireland), SEPTEMBER 5-7, 2019
MeetShareDance is a small immersive participatory international event, where dance teachers/choreographers and other participants exchange their knowledge on inclusive dance. For teachers with or without disability with a solid knowledge and experience. We strive to have a diverse group, different dance backgrounds, techniques and workshop proposals.

Contact & Links: 

How I Identify - Myself


TITLE: How I Identify - Myself
THEME: Works Exploring Identity


Artist Notification:  February 4, 2016
Art Delivery Date: Between February 25 and March 1
Artist Reception: September 3, 2015
SHOW RUNS: March 3 to March
26, 2016

For this call for art we are looking for artworks that explore the complexity of the human spirit, mind, and body.
What are the things that make you unique? What things make you stand apart from others? How would you describe yourself and how might others describe you? Is human-kind transforming? Do you identify yourself by gender, race, nationality, religion, or sexual orientation? Is your personality your identity? Can it be changed or is it hardwired?
These are just of few of the ideas we are looking for artists to explore.
Each day, more and more; we learn about people who appear one way, but may in fact be very different.  
Works can be representational or non-representational. Works could be self portraits, portraits or paintings of others, or simply explore any one of the ideas and questions listed above.
All local, national and international artists, professional and amateur and multiple art mediums will be considered in this call for art.

Details at:!how-i-identify/chu9


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