OPEN CALL - UNCAUGHT Exhibition - Berlin

Our upcoming exhibition UNCAUGHT is on the way.

6 Photographers and 4 Audiovisual Artists will get selected to challenge our visual perception by presenting barely caught motions, sensations, blurs, flashes of light, shadows, shapes.


  • Photography (Blurry, Abstract, Double-exposure, 35mm, other)

  • Visuals

This opportunity aims to highlight international artists who are not based in Berlin but wish to exhibit their work virtually via our 3D Gallery. Visitors will be able to enter virtually the Gallery for free.
Audiovisual artists will have the opportunity to select whether they want to exhibit virtually or perform live in Berlin.


EU Project ART4SEA launches an open call to select 24 international artists.


About the project 

In 2024, three small islands in the Mediterranean Sea, Ustica in Italy, Alonissos in Greece and Gozo in Malta, will host a 7 days residency program, where artists will be inspired by the beautiful natural environments, the ancient maritime traditions and the direct relationships with local communities to create their born-digital and physical artworks. Artists will be encouraged to design artworks to be integrated into the marine, natural and architectural landscapes of the islands, thus creating an open-air and underwater museum making the three Islands a guiding light for Ocean Conservation.

European Prize for Applied Arts 2024

Initiated in 2009, in partnership with the City of Mons, the World Crafts Council Europe (WCCE) and supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation, the European Prize for Applied Arts rewards creations of contemporary expression in the field of Applied Arts and Craft Design. 

This competition is for all artists working in the field of applied arts and crafts, residing in a country member of the Customs Union from the  European Union and not subject to customs charges for transport to and from Belgium.

The works selected for the competition must be of a high standard, both technically and aesthetically, and be innovative.

Fusion - Biennial of Contemporary Glass Jewellery

MAVA - Museum of Contemporary Glass Art in Alcorcón in collaboration with World Crafts Council Europe (WCCE) and Fundesarte is thrilled to announce the first ever European wide call for submissions for the third edition of the Fusion: Biennial of Contemporary Glass Jewellery 2024.

Jewellery creators who produce pieces made primarily from glass are invited to participate in the call. Submissions should be unique pieces, with a sculptural and artistic concept, capable of being used as an ornament for the human body, regardless of market trends. The jury, made up of experts from various sectors will select and curate the pieces featured in the 3rd FUSION.

Visual or media artwork for museum installation about ethics & emerging technologies (climate engineering)

TechEthos is an EU-funded project that deals with the ethics of the new and emerging technologies anticipated to have high socio-economic impact. Three technology families have been identified as its focus area: Digital Extended Reality, Climate Engineering, and Neurotechnologies.

Call for Artists and Illustrators

Submit your work, generated using Durer.AI, for a group show at Guelman und Unbekannt Gallery in Berlin, opening on the 10th of August.

Durer is a new image generation platform that lets you train an AI model to understand your style and aesthetic and then generate new images with a simple prompt.

This exhibition will explore how artists use AI as a complex new tool to expand their practice and challenge the idea that art created by a machine must be algorithmic, impersonal, and rational.

While some fear that rapid developments of Large Language Models (LLMs) and new image generation tools will automate the talents of artists and take their jobs, this exhibition will paint a different picture. 


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