Bricking It: An Urgent Situation 2024

Traditional Indonesian brick is unfired and requires no mortar: water and friction alone fuse the bricks together, creating structures that demonstrate remarkable flexibility and resilience. Because of this, many of Indonesia’s historic brick structures – the Wringin Lawang gate, the Pari Temple, and others – have withstood earthquakes for more than six centuries. In contrast, newer Indonesian buildings made from modern, Western-style brick and mortar have proved catastrophically less resistant to seismic disturbance.


OPEN CALL: European Media Art Platform (EMAP) Artist Residencies 2024

With the support of the European Union’s Creative Europe programme, the European Media Art Platform continues its residency program for artists, collectives or other artistic collaborations working in the fields of digital art, media art, and bio art.

European artists, or collectives can apply with a project proposal for a residency of two months within January to December 2024. Since collaboration is one of EMAP´s key values, the artists will be collaborating with an artist of their choice or an artist local to the host institution.


Dear Artists,

Artists and creators of all disciplines from around the world are invited to apply for Artists in Recency Program at Sunda Coffee & Space. This program is for creators who aims to develop new bodies of work, conduct research or experiment and focus on their practices. This program is for creators who aim to develop a new body of work, conduct research or experiments and focus on their practice. Final results can be in the form of archiving works, exhibitions or performances.

Sunda Coffee & Space is located in the center of Sukabumi, 3 hours from the capital city of Indonesia, Jakarta. As a platform for the creative industry in Sukabumi, Sunda Coffee & Space has held many events that discuss the development of art, culture and creativity.

Art Exhibition Energi Seni

“Energy of Art” exhibition will showcase the finest works of 18 artists across Indonesia in Plaza Indonesia, Jakarta (Function Hall, 2nd floor) on 11-19 August 2018

These participants comes from different genre and generation like Djoko Pekik (1938), Heri Dono (1960), Putu Sutawijaya (1970), Erica (1971), Indra Dodi (1980), Umbu Tanggela (1956) and his son Rato Tanggela (1990)

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