2023 ARCUS Research Residency Program in Japan

ARCUS Research is a self-funded program that offers an uninterrupted time and contemplative environment for creative experimentation, in-depth fieldwork, and research for practitioners and professionals in art and other cultural fields, including artists, curators, researchers, university educators, or writers. The program provides participants from around the world with valuable time and space to reflect, unwind, and nurture the creative process.

ARCUS Research 2023

ARCUS Research is a self-directed program that enables not only artists but also curators, researchers, writers, and practitioners in the cultural field to focus on in-depth research and engage in creative discourses and activities. Located between Tokyo and Mt. Tsukuba, the participants can enjoy the dynamic yet solitary working space without interruption in a supportive environment to nurture and unwind the creative process. Located in an hour from Tokyo and close to Mt. Tsukuba, ARCUS Research provides a calm environment and working space where participants can reflect and unwind the creative process.

Let's Design High-Quality Educational Experiences!

Let's Design High-Quality Educational Experiences!

We are calling for ‘design’ that can save the world, from students all over the world who are interested in design. The SDGs Design International Awards will be held again this year to show good solutions to the world. We are soliciting creative ideas to solve social issues from students all over the world. There are things we can contribute to solving social issues! We are waiting for applications from the younger generation who are trying to solve complex social problems.


Let’s Design High-Quality Educational Experiences!

SDGs Goal 4 : High Quality

From Kyushu University, let’s show the world the “High-Quality Education” that students worldwide have thought up!

1minute Projection Mapping Competition in TOKYO

~Entry for participating creators is now open!~

1minute Projection Mapping in TOKYO will be held again this year.
This is an international competition planned by Projection Mapping Association of Japan for competing projection mapping works of 1 minute to 1 minute and 59 seconds.
Creators from all over the world are invited to submit their video works. 

This year’s competition will mark the 10th anniversary. The theme of this memorable edition is, 

『 LIFE / 命・暮らし・人生 』


ARCUS Project’s artist-in-residence program provides opportunities for emerging artists in the field of contemporary art to cultivate their artistic creativity and vision. Located around an hour from Tokyo, a residency at ARCUS Studio allows participants in the program to come into contact with the contemporary art scene in Japan as well as devote themselves to their creative endeavors in a calm environment while interacting with the local community. Through the support the program offers from its dedicated team of coordinators and regular tutorials with a curator, artists are able to search for and explore approaches in their practices and undertake new challenges in their artistic expression.

Call for entries “JIA Illustration Award 2022”

The total amount of the award money is 700,000 yen.
The total winners will be 52 artists.

Japan Illustrators' Association hold the contest of illustration every year. This is the international illustration competition.
People in advertising and publishing are paying close attention to this.

The winning works will be exhibited at the "JIA Illustration Award winning works exhibition" at China.


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