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Call for curator AUDITORIUM 20/21 lecture series






For the new edition of the AUDITORIUM lecture series, Stad en Architectuur vzw is looking for a curator who can create a programme centered on this edition's topic “OUTSIDE”. AUDITORIUM 20/21 will run from October 2020 to April 2021 in the STUK Arts Centre. Stad en Architectuur vzw is inviting interested candidate curators to apply.

Auditorium 20/21

Stad en Architectuur vzw has been organising the AUDITORIUM lecture series since 2001 in cooperation with the STUK Arts Centre and the department of Architecture of K.U. Leuven. This series has been bringing together a wide range of experience and expertise and centres around a common theme. International design and architecture firms present through their own projects answers to major social and cultural challenges facing the world, and in particular Flanders as well.

The series will feature a mix of renowned designers and up-and-coming architectural talents on the verge of their international breakthrough.

The central theme “OUTSIDE”

With the current 19/20 edition focusing on “HOME”, our next AUDITORIUM 20/21 will take a step outside. The next AUDITORIUM lecture series will be centered on the theme “OUTSIDE”.

While life seems to take place on the inside of our homes, as much of our everyday lives itself is happening on the outside. There is no inside without outside. The buildings where we live, work and pass by every day are grounded and founded in the outside world. This fundamental spatial character of architecture makes that it cannot be seen as something secluded.
The “outside” is part of a broad social debate. In an overcrowded world, which is becoming more and more urbanized, we are facing many challenges that require a drastic shift in how we deal with the outdoor space.

How do architecture, landscape and urban design deal with the concept of "outside"?
The outside that is built, the outside that is untouched.
The outside as a private place, the outside as a public space, the outside as a landscape.
Where are the confinements between insides and outsides? What responsibility does architecture bear towards the outside? What is the significance of the outside in an urbanized landscape? What does it mean when looking at architecture from the outside, as an outsider?
What’s on the outside?
The theme ‘OUTSIDE’ is merely a trigger for the curator to start working with concepts on architecture in relationship with the outside, which he translates into a relevant, coherent list of speakers. The theme for this lecture series functions as a connection in an international context and leaves ample space for variation. Guest speakers not only show experimental design, but also tangible results through completed projects.

What part does the curator play?

The curator develops and organizes a lecture series of six lectures in total in the STUK Arts Centre in consultation with Stad en Architectuur.


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