Renascense -  The first exhibition of the 2023 season will focus on Renascence, the concept of reawakening from a state of dormancy, from winter into spring, from formless into form.  Art as the foundation of human culture, emerging from our biological and primal essence.  The exhibition will be held March 8 - April 1, 2023 at the Limner Gallery and is open for entry to all artists working in any media. The entry deadline is October 31, 2022.  The entry form is at https://www.slowart.com/prospectus/rena.htm

Limner Gallery, 123 Warren Street, Hudson, NY

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Erie Canal Bicentennial Public Art Installation, RFP




For Application Details and to applu Visit: https://esd.ny.gov/doing-business-ny/requests-proposals/erie-canal-bicentennial-public-art-installation-rfp

Please send any questions to: PublicArtInstallationRFP@esd.ny.gov


Request for Proposals Erie Canal Bicentennial Public Art Installation Canalside, Buffalo NY

Issued: May 31, 2022

IMPORTANT NOTICE: A restricted period under the Procurement Lobbying Law is currently in effect for this Procurement and it will remain in effect until approval of the Contract. Bidders are prohibited from contact related to this procurement with any New York State employee other than the designated contacts listed below (refer to: Section X - ii).

Designated Contacts for this Procurement: Primary Contact: Ralph Volcy Secondary Contact: John Discolo All contacts/inquiries shall be made by email to the following address: PublicArtInstallationRFP@esd.ny.gov

This RFP is posted on the Empire State Development website: https://esd.ny.gov/doing-business-ny/requests-proposals Submission

Deadline: July 14,2022 by 8:00PM EST

INTRODUCTION The mission of Empire State Development (“ESD”) is to promote a vigorous and growing state economy, encourage business investment and job creation, and support diverse, prosperous local economies across New York State through the efficient use of loans, grants, tax credits, real estate development, marketing and other forms of assistance.

II. OVERVIEW The Erie Canal Harbor Development Corporation (“ECHDC”), a subsidiary of the New York State Urban Development Corporation d/b/a Empire State Development (ESD), invites internationally and critically acclaimed artists to submit qualifications and proposals for The Erie Canal Bicentennial Public Art Installation at Canalside (the “Project”) in the City of Buffalo, NY. ECHDC seeks artists who can demonstrate the ability to design and implement heritage-focused public art commissions. ECHDC feels it is important to create high-quality and appealing public art components at Canalside and throughout the Buffalo Waterfront that will attract visitors but will also make the citizens of Buffalo proud of our history and the current redevelopment of our waterfront. The opening of the Erie Canal in 1825 was a critical event in the history of the United States, opening the heartlands of the continent. It also transformed Buffalo from a frontier village to the eighth-largest city in the United States over a span of just 75 years. The Western Terminus of the canal, at what is now Canalside, became a commercial hub and a transshipment point that moved rivers of immigration westward and rivers of cargo eastward – American Express and Wells Fargo were created on its docks, and the Canal District became a global trade center and, at the same time, notorious as one of the roughest waterfronts in the world. Through the Canal Era, Buffalo grew exponentially as many of the immigrants who arrived here by the canal – more than ever arrived at Ellis Island – settled here instead of continuing their journeys west. ECHDC is inviting artists to submit qualifications and proposals that prove their ability to work within the historic context while incorporating ECHDC’s vision to revitalize Western New York’s Waterfront and restore economic growth to Buffalo based on the region’s legacy of pride, urban significance, and natural beauty. The current project budget is not to exceed $250,000. ECHDC has retained the services of an Art Consult who will facilitate the evaluation of qualification submission packages and will recommend to the ECHDC up to three (3) qualified artists based upon the evaluation criteria explained in this document. The three (3) “semi-final” artists will contract with the Art Consultant and receive a $10,000 stipend to complete their proposal. After public presentations and final evaluations, one artist or team will be selected for the commission. MWBE & SDVOB Subcontractor Interest New York State certified Minority- and Women-Owned Businesses (MWBEs) and Service Disabled Veteran Owned Businesses (SDVOBs) may request that their firm’s contact information be included on a list of MWBE and SDVOB firms interested in serving as a subcontractor for this procurement. The listing will be publicly posted on ESD’s website for reference by the bidding 3 community. A firm requesting inclusion on this list should send contact information and a copy of its NYS MWBE or SDVOB certification to PublicArtInstallationRFP@esd.ny.gov.

Nothing prohibits an M/WBE Vendor from proposing as a prime contractor.

III. SCOPE OF WORK The Erie Canal Bicentennial Public Art Installation is to be designed for and incorporated into the historic Main Canal area of the property referred to as the Immigrant Steps and Towpath. The address of the Main Canal area is 130 Main Street, Buffalo NY. The installation will be permanent on the site and therefore should be fabricated using substantial materials that will resist deterioration from environmental impacts and public interaction. Canalside Location Map Immigrant Steps A flight of steps, re-created now in the Canalside development, was a pathway trod by millions of immigrants and immigrant families as they left the line boats they took from New York or Albany to climb to the streets of Buffalo, seeking to build a new life in the growing ethnic communities of Buffalo or hoping to book passage on a lake schooner or steamboat headed west on the Great Lakes. “Steamboat hotels” waited if they needed an overnight room, or in warm weather many slept on the docks. Most carried with them all they had in the world, small cargoes in this human river; money was tight, and carefully spent. There are no accurate counts of their numbers, but this migration built great cities on the Lakes and settled the interior of the country, in one year alone, 1859, a quarter million people left Buffalo for the West. Most of the immigrants from the Canal Era (1825 until the rise of the railroads in the 1880s) came from Ireland, Germany or Scandinavia. There were smaller streams from the American South during the Underground 4 Railroad years, and displaced Native Americans also used the canal in its early years to move west. Today’s “Immigrant Steps” honor the location of the original steps at the juncture of the Erie Canal’s end and the Commercial Slip that connected the canal to the Buffalo River and Great Lakes, but they are not an exact replica and are built for the present-day flow of people from street level to the faux canal at water level. The treads of the steps are solid granite with a thermal finish with a typical 6” rise and 12” tread depth. The landings at the top and mid-span are red sandstone slabs, 2’x3’ nominal dimension. The overall dimensions are 20.90’ wide at the top of the stairs and 45.40’ wide at the bottom with an overall length of 27.50’ including a 9.50’ landing mid span. Immigrant Stairs to Towpath Towpath The canal’s towpath, just above water level, was generally about four feet wide and extended the length of the canal, becoming a little more complex at destination wharf areas especially in the big city. It was used by drovers (or “hoggees”) driving the harnessed teams of horses or mules pulling the barges and boats along the canal. While wealthier passengers could disembark for the faster and more well-appointed packet boats plying the canals, immigrants would be packed up to a hundred at a time in the line or work boats. They could walk along the tow paths for parts of their journey, but doubtless were relieved to disembark at that journey’s end. They would have crossed the path to climb the steps, facing unknown new challenges with both apprehension and hope. They faced the unknown, because there was no way to send word ahead (except at the 5 last moment via the “runners” who touted hotels from the last few bridges, lowered buckets for room rent money and, sometimes, simply disappeared). Today’s “towpath” is a wide walkway used for pedestrian access to the amenities along the replicated end of the canal, a shallow water feature. The area is a year-round public space with fountain and paddle boats in the summer, ice rink activities; skating, curling, ice bikes, and food vendor kiosks and igloos in the winter, and roller skating in the fall. There is a pavilion tent used for events and equipment rentals. Seating is available and the area is regularly traversed by pedestrians moving throughout the Canalside neighborhood. The towpath sidewalk has a 10.80’ wide exposed aggregate concrete band around the perimeter of the replica canal with a 9.20’ outer band of tinted and scored concrete sidewalk. The towpath canal walls are constructed of granite with bush hammered top and rustic rock face on the vertical canal wall.

The Erie Canal Bicentennial Public Art Installation at Canalside selection process will be completed in three (3) stages:

● Stage 1- Submission of Qualifications

● Stage 2 – Development of Proposal & Model

● Stage 3 – Design & Implementation of Art Installation


IV. SCHEDULE OF DATES It is anticipated that a contract will be awarded in response to this RFP based on the following schedule:

Stage 1 – Submission of Qualifications Release of RFP May 31, 2022

Deadline for Submission of Questions June 7, 2022

Deadline for ECHDC to Respond to Questions June 14, 2022

Submission of Proposals (date and time) July 14, 2022 at 8:00PM EST

Proposal Review/Interviews July 15 - August 15 2022

Notification to Semi Final Artists August 16, 2022


Stage 2 – Development of Proposal Site Visits and Proposal Development August - October 2022

Submission of Proposals (date and time) December 6, 2022 at 2:00PM EST

Public Presentation February - March 2023

Final Selection by ECHDC April 2023

Stage 3 – Design & Implementation of Art Installation

Anticipated Contract Start Date* January 2, 2024 Fabrication and Installation Completion May 1, 2025

Please note, the Corporation reserves the right to change any of the dates stated in this RFP. 6 *Final schedule for design and installation stages to be negotiated at the time of contract execution. However, it is expected the installation will be completed between March 1 – May 1, 2025.


V. SUBMISSION REQUIREMENTS Every respondent to this RFP (“Bidder”) should submit a proposal which clearly and concisely provides all of the information requested. Emphasis should be concentrated on conformance to the RFP instructions and requirements, as well as completeness and clarity in its proposal response. The Bidder is advised to thoroughly read and follow all instructions contained in this RFP. Proposals that do not comply with these instructions or do not meet the full intent of all the requirements of this RFP may be subject to scoring reductions during the evaluation process or may be deemed non-responsive. Artists are strongly encouraged to conduct independent research based on the information provided as well as visit the project location. The artist is expected and required to attend the artwork dedication event in person if and when such an event takes place. 

Prize Summary: 
project budget 250,000, 3 finalists receive $10,000 stipend
Canalside, Buffalo, NY

Entry Fee:

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Hampton Iconic: Art Mart in Herrick Park



the official launch of the groundbreaking Hampton Iconic Artist Marketplace.

 This first annual artist marketplace will be held in Herrick Park, in the heart of East Hampton Village, allowing artists the opportunity to exhibit their work and collectors the opportunity to buy directly (or direct?) from the artist.

 Fifty artists will be selected by jury to participate in this two-day event, scheduled for August 6 & 7, from 10am to 5pm.

 East Hampton has been, and still is, the home to many celebrated artists. Hampton Iconic Artist Marketplace will have special focus on East End Artists who draw inspiration from this unique part of mother earth.​

 We welcome established artists, artists on the cutting edge, and the newly emerging. All mediums welcome. To exhibit you must be 19-years and older.

On-line applications only:  https://www.ameastwest.com/application.



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Art in the Park Fine Arts & Crafts Fair





The Art League of Long Island’s 53rd Annual Art in the Park 
Fine Art & Craft Fair

June 4 & 5, 2022
10am – 5pm Both Days

Application Deadline:  May 20, 2022

After a two-year hiatus due to the pandemic, the Art League of Long Island’s 53rd Art in the Park Fine Art & Craft Fair is back with an eclectic variety of one-of-a-kind art and craft work created by 85+ exhibitors at Huntington’s Heckscher Park. The fair takes place June 4 & 5, 2022 from 10am to 5pm on the spacious grounds of the park, located at the intersection of Rt 25A and Sabbath Day Path.

The Art League invites artists to submit applications to show and sell their original fine art and fine craft at the fair. Acceptable art and craft include: paintings, sculpture, woodcraft, ceramics, mosaics, fiber art, photography, jewelry, wearable art, glass art, and other unique handcrafted items.



Entry Fee:

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Tiny Roost Gallery; Art on the Outside




Submissions deadline is February 25, 2022

Notification of acceptance by March 15

First exhibition to take place April 1- April 29

Roost Studios will award 4 artists a solo exhibition opportunity to create a month long

installation in the Tiny Roost Gallery "Art on the Outside".

What we are looking for

The challenge is to develop an innovative art project that meaningfully engages with issues of advocacy, justice, and community-building.

All art forms will be considered — visual/ conceptual art, photography, new media, video, audio, creative writing, or other forms.

Visual art must be central to the project, and be designed to fit within the format of the Tiny Roost dimensions.

The proposal must reflect an informed understanding of the particular art form(s) being used, as well as of the issues relevant to the communities being served.

In addition Artists must explore supporting activities surrounding the installation that may take the form of “social practice” that engages communities in an interactive exchange. For example, a performance, drama or dance, a poetry reading, and artist talk, a garden, a meal, a website, a story exchange, or an urban planning project, and more.


Application Materials

Artist general info

Artist bio

Resume/exhibition list/ publications

Description of project

Themes being addressed

Mediums used

Supporting activities

Images of past work

Photo or sketch of current proposal

The artists will be chosen by a diverse, qualified selection committee based on the strength of their proposals, statements, images or samples submitted through the Roost Studios application portal. The jurors will choose to highlight work in a variety of media that deals creatively with themes related to identity, gender, race, age, cultural and social issues.


Prizes Details: 

Artists chosen will receive a grant award ranging from $100-$500 per artist

Roost Studios will award 4 artists a solo exhibition opportunity to create a month long

installation in the Tiny Roost Gallery "Art on the Outside".


Entry Fee:

Contact & Links: 





The Byrdcliffe Arts Colony Artists-in-Residence Program (AiR) offers uninterrupted time and space for creatives in all disciplines. Our serene and rustic mountain community is 2.5 hours north of NYC in Woodstock NY with residencies open to individuals and co-applicants at all stages of their career. Byrdcliffe’s AiR program is particularly beneficial to those who find it restorative to live in a community environment surrounded by natural beauty. More information can be found at: http://www.woodstockguild.org/artist-residencies/

In the Monthly AiR Program, DEADLINE: January 15, Residencies offer artists’ studios and accommodations within a community of peers. Each session hosts between 16-21 artists and lasts just under four weeks. Sessions conclude with an Open Studio event at the Villetta, a quintessential Summer Woodstock happening that combines visual arts, readings, music, and community.

• Session 01: Saturday, May 28 – Wednesday, June 22, 2022
• Session 02: Saturday, June 25 – Wednesday, July 20, 2022
• Session 03: Saturday, August 6 – Wednesday, August 31, 2022
• Session 04: Saturday, September 3 – Wednesday, September 28, 2022

In the Seasonal AiR Program April 30 – September 29, DEADLINE January 15, Artists spend 5 months living independently and working in simple Arts & Crafts style residence/studio cottages constructed between 1902 and 1903. Buildings were part of the original Byrdcliffe Arts Colony and are located in a close to nature setting within close proximity of the monthly AiR buildings. Five month residencies are primarily autonomous with optional programming available.
Cottages are unique in size and layout and may accommodate anywhere from 1-2 bedrooms. Individuals, co-applicants, peers, teams (both collaborative and non-collaborative), and other variations may apply.

WINTERIZED YEAR ROUND RESIDENCIES: We have cottages for artists and craftsperson’s working in all disciplines and media, with the express purpose of maintaining Byrdcliffe as a focus for creative collaboration and experiences. These simple wooden Arts & Crafts style structures were all constructed in 1903 as part of the original Byrdcliffe Arts Colony. Pets are not permitted except for ADA service animals only.

-3 1/2 weeks: COMMUNAL residence with annexed art studio or writing room
-5 months: SEASONAL residence/studio
-3 months: WINTERIZED residence/studio
-6 months: WINTERIZED residence/studio
-9 months: WINTERIZED residence/studio
-12 months: WINTERIZED residence/studio

All artists are invited to participate in a welcome gathering, open studio events, field trip, and other practiced shares. Residents have the opportunity to participate in an exhibition at Byrdcliffe’s Kleinert/James Center for the Arts the after their residency the following spring/summer.


The Byrdcliffe Arts Colony annually welcomes over 80 visual artists, writers, weavers, composers, and creators of exceptional talent in groups of 15-20 per month. The main criterion for acceptance to Byrdcliffe’s AiR program is artistic excellence or a demonstrated commitment to one’s field of endeavor. Emerging as well as established artists, writers, musicians, and craftspeople in nearly all media are invited to apply. We offer ceramic kilns, weaving looms, and a minimal darkroom. We currently do not have printmaking facilities/equipment or a wood=shop but welcome these disciplines. Please email us if you have questions regarding your specific practice's eligibility.

Monthly AiR Program fees total $800 per artist per session. Seasonal AiR Program fees depend on cottage. A limited number of general need and merit-based fellowships and subsidies are available to offset the residency fees. Byrdcliffe extends tremendous gratitude to individual donors and granting partners and offers the following fellowships for the season through their generosity:

Byrdcliffe offers the following fellowships for the upcoming season with help from our granting partners:
-The annual Ford/Knauth Fellowship for LGBTQIA+ Artists (Full fee)
-The annual Bernard and Shirley Handel Playwright Fellowships (Full fee)
-The annual Milton and Sally Avery Fellowships for Visual Artists (Full fee)
-The annual Ceramics Fellowship (full fee)
-The annual BIPOC Artist or Activist Fellowship (full fee)
-The Pollock-Krasner Foundation Grant for Artists Affected by Natural Disaster (Full fee & stipend)

“Full fee” means the grant covers the full residency fee for one communal session.

SEASONAL or COMMUNAL residency grants:
– The Pollock-Krasner Foundation Grant for Seasonal Artists (for SEASONAL residence/studio)
– The Pollock-Krasner Foundation Grant for Seasonal Artists (for multi-session COMMUNAL residency)
These Pollock-Krasner Foundation Grants are offered to 5-month SEASONAL residents in residence/studios. These grants can be adapted to cover successive COMMUNAL residency sessions up to 4-months long. Some short-term WINTERIZED residencies might also be eligible. The grant covers the full residency fee plus a stipend and travel to and from Byrdcliffe.

Accommodations consist of simple historic arts & crafts style cottages constructed between 1902-1903 in a close-to-nature forest setting. Mice, dust, leaf mold, deer, hawks, ticks, chipmunks, bunnies, bears, owls, dust, and other possible irritants are present.

Byrdcliffe is committed to a policy of nondiscrimination and equal opportunity for all persons. Women, people of color, LGBTQIA communities, and other historically underrepresented artists are encouraged to apply. Regretfully Byrdcliffe is unable to accommodate children at this time. Byrdcliffe offers ADA compliant access to its main residency building and some studios.

The Woodstock Byrdcliffe Guild strongly enforces the NYS Department of Health “Stop the Spread” campaign to protect ourselves and one another from the spread of COVID-19 and germs. This includes, observing social distancing, face coverings and frequent hand-washing. Residence must sign an agreement that they will comply with policy requirements prior to attending the Artist in Residence Program.


Contact & Links: 


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