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OPEN CALL - Blekinge Dance Residency






The application is open to all professional dance and performing artists. We welcome new graduates as well as experienced artists, national and international. Those with connection to Blekinge are prioritized. In the selection process, greater emphasis is placed on the artistic idea and method, rather than experience.

- Application open between: 15 of February - 00.00 15 of Mars (Decisions and response will be made by the end of April)

- Date of Residence: 16 of August- 5 of September 2021(1-5 of September, BRÅDJUPA - A dance festival in Blekinge).

- We offer two artist’s residence during a period of three weeks, plus an opportunity to show your work in progress at BRÅDJUPA. The chosen artists/groups are expected to participate in both the residency and the festival. Each residence refers to 1-4 people.. 

- Location: Ronneby municipality, in eastern Blekinge. Lokstallarna, Karlshamn


Blekinge Dance Residence 2021

​This year Blekinge Dance residence celebrates 5 years and together with Regionteatern Blekinge Kronoberg we create space for dance to happen! Dans i Blekinge therefore has the opportunity to invite both this year's and last year's artists to participate in: BRÅDJUPA - A dance festival in Blekinge (more information about the festival is coming soon).

This year's theme is Same sea, temporary islands. Throughout the residence, Dance in Blekinge wants artists to make space to ask questions and create dialogue between place and people. The theme is a starting point, we are interested in your concepts and ideas. The participating artists are encouraged to work freely within the themes. We encourage you who are applying to base your application on the theme of the residence, but if you already have an idea of ​​what you want to work on, we would love to hear it and process your application with or without connecting it to the theme.

Dans i Blekinge likes to see that the artists are interested in experimental approaches, interdisciplinary work and social practice, with dance as the central point of view.

Prizes Details: 

Included in the residence

- Free access to studio space throughout the residence period.

- Travel compensation with up to SEK 5,000 / residence artist / group. (Only covers transportation by train, bus or ferry)

- Accommodation.

- Remuneration / a grant of SEK 34,000 / participating artist / group for the entire residence period.

- Daily training.

- Feedback sessions with a knowledgeable person.

- Sharing sessions on one occasion.

- Documentation of the work in the form of film and photo.

- The opportunity to present your work at BRÅDJUPA.



Not included in the residence

- Food costs.

- Insurance.

- Travel exceeding the aforementioned amount.


Expectations on the artists

- To conduct daily training during the residency period.

- To hold some open rehearsals/sharing sessions for the public.

- Present your work in progress at BRÅDJUPA. 

- Participate in other activities such as artist talk, workshops etc. during the festival.

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