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Salt 'n' Sauce OPEN CALL!





Salt ’n’ Sauce is an Edinburgh based, independent art submission organization. The purpose of which is to try and support artists and designers by providing a platform to share and promote their work.

This open call is asking artists to submit thier work to be shown on the organization instagram. 



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Salt 'n' Sauce Magazine Issue: 1, Open Call!





Salt ’n’ Sauce is an Edinburgh based, independent art submission magazine. The purpose of which is to try and support artists and designers by providing a platform to share and promote their work.



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Island Going





In partnership with ‘Ocean Guides’ * and building on the success of 3 previous Land and sea based residencies for An Lanntair within an established residency programme, this Summer’s ‘Island Going’ residency runs for 11 days – six days at sea and five days on land, for 5 participants, offering the potential to explore the ocean and island environments of the Outer Hebrides, including the St.Kilda archipelago,

In addition to this our residencies come with an ethos of supporting the communities that they are based in, utilising local knowledge, services and expertise as well as providing a window into the language and culture of the islands.

We aim to benefit those communities and foster links between them and the wider world, building a greater understanding of island living and the challenges that the people and the ecosystems of the Outer Hebrides and other island Nations face in the Anthropocene – such as climate change, economic sustainability and cultural and linguistic identity.

Key to our residency programme is an acknowledgment of the rich Gaelic culture of the islands and the role local ‘indigenous’ knowledge plays in the understanding of the past – and how that informs the present. This is embodied in the George Macleod book ‘Muir is Tir/Land and Sea’ – on which the residency is loosely based.

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Join the Engage Scotland Development Group




The Engage Scotland Development Group (ESDG) operates as a voluntary steering group for the work of Engage in Scotland, influencing programming, supporting the Engage Scotland Coordinator’s role, representing the organisation and offering their experience and skills. 

Traditionally the ESDG has operated with three Area Reps who cover the very broad geographical areas of Glasgow and the West, Edinburgh and the East, and the Highlands and Islands. Area Reps are also members of the Engage Council. In addition to Area Reps the group has up to four voluntary or co-opted members. 

We currently have a vacancy for an Area Rep for Highlands and Islands/member of Engage Council.

This is an opportunity for an experienced visual arts/gallery education professional to be part of a lively group working to raise the profile of gallery education and visual arts Engagement in Scotland.

Current and previous members of the Development Group have enjoyed opportunities to further their own continuing professional development through helping to shape Engage Scotland projects such as the Celebrate ART project and advise on programming of training events and conferences, including this year’s Engage International Conference in Newcastle in November 2019. Group members value the opportunity to visit other gallery venues and to network and share with colleagues within the ESDG.

All travel expenses for attending meetings, including Council meetings in England, are met. We welcome applications from colleagues working in visual arts organisations/galleries and from freelancers and will be able to pay travel expenses and a small fee for freelancers to attend meetings. You are welcome to attend a meeting before deciding to join the group.

As an Area Rep for Engage you will:

  • Attend four ESDG meetings a year — these are usually half-day meetings, often in Edinburgh and Glasgow, occasionally further afield.
  • Provide support for the Engage Scotland Coordinator — usually through regular phone and email contact.
  • Represent Engage and help with the planning of events.
  • Comment and respond to papers as required.
  • Attend Engage Council meetings which take place three times a year, usually in England. These meetings are an opportunity to discuss the organisation’s policies and programmes, as well as hear speakers on agreed topics that are relevant to the sector and gallery education practice.

The benefits of being an Area Rep include:

  • An opportunity to input into the work of Engage
  • Being part of a network of peers involved in gallery education in the UK
  • Attending conferences and events for Engage

The benefits of becoming a Council member include:

  • 20% discount on conferences and training seminars in the UK organised by Engage centrally
  • The opportunity to input into national gallery education policy and strategy
  • Being part of a network of key people involved in gallery education in the UK
  • Advice and guidance on accessing key organisations in the UK and other countries
  • The chance to network with colleagues and form partnerships locally and nationally

Current members of ESDG are:

Area Reps

  • Tracy Morgan, Community Engagement Manager, Fruitmarket Gallery, Edinburgh — (Area Rep for Edinburgh and the East)
  • Holly Rumble, Freelance, (Area Rep for Glasgow and the West)

Voluntary Members

  • Lee McCulley, Adult Learning Officer, National Museum of Scotland
  • Janie Nicoll, Freelance artist/arts educator, member of Engage Board
  • Beki Pope, Freelance Consultant
  • Kirin Saeed, Freelance Equalities Consultant

Selection Process

Applications will be subject to the approval of the ESDG and the Engage Board. We aim to create a balanced group reflecting the membership of Engage in Scotland and a diverse mix of skills and experience.

About Engage and Engage Scotland

Engage Scotland is part of Engage, the National Association for Gallery Education,  promoting access to, enjoyment and understanding of the visual arts in the UK and internationally.

Engage Scotland represents the Scottish body of Engage members, responding to training and networking needs within gallery education with a Scottish focus. Engage’s programme in Scotland is developed and managed by a Scotland–based coordinator.

We work in partnership with other organisations in the visual arts sector to enable us to share good practice and learning in gallery/visual arts education more widely.

Engage Scotland’s programme is supported by the National Lottery through Creative Scotland.

Engage is the lead professional association promoting understanding and enjoyment of the visual arts through advocacy, professional development, research and projects and disseminating practice.

Engage has a membership of around 900, including c.270 galleries, museums and arts centres across the UK and in 24 countries internationally. Engage is an Arts Council England National Portfolio Organisation, has received Open Project funding from Creative Scotland for its programme 2018-20 in Scotland and receives project funding from the Arts Council of Wales.

Engage provides a platform for education professionals working within galleries, museums, heritage venues, schools and other community venues, to meet and connect through Area Group meetings, Engage events and the Engage website.


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Light, Land & Country




Light, Land & Country

March 9 – April 3, 2018

Gallery 23

23 Atholl Crescent
Edinburgh, EH3 8HQ

Tel. (0131) 229 1528


The depiction of the natural world has fascinated artists since prehistoric times. Greek and Romans artists often depicted elaborate wall paintings of landscapes and gardenscapes in pleasure villas. In China’s late Tang dynasty, landscape painting had evolved into an independent genre that embodied a universal longing by the elite to commune with nature. However, the term "landscape" didn’t come into general use until the 1600s. Derived from the Dutch term landschap--meaning a region or tract of land--it gradually developed into a popular genre in seventeenth-century Holland for wealthy Calvinist patrons who desired paintings that described the beauty and spirituality of the world around them. By the second half of the 20th century, the concept of landscape was extended to incorporate concepts of urban architecture and the rise of industrial spaces. Likewise the rise of nature photography has been used to document issues of conservation, environmentalism, and concerns of land use.


For our Spring 2018 exhibition, Gallery 23 welcomes artists of any medium to submit works that invite viewers to contemplate the ways in which we relate to the land we inhabit and explore the ways we relate to our own physical environment. We encourage submissions in ANY two-dimensional artistic medium, as well as multiple prints or copies of photographs. Works are not limited to solely to the visual; we are open to text-based works as well.


All works will be for sale at the artist’s discretion.


For more information about Gallery 23 please visit:


Submission Guidelines:

Please send either a preliminary sketch or an image of a completed work to both:


Dr. Julie V. Hansen                                    Lauren Denler

Gallery Director                                          Intern            


Submission Deadline: February 7, 2018


Feel free to submit existing work that you feel is congruous with the intentions of this project.

For more information about visit:


DROP OFF: Monday, March 5 – Wednesday, March 7, or by special appointment) Please ensure all work is signed, has all info on reverse and is display ready. If framed, we prefer white or neutral frames.


Please Include The Following in Your Submission:

• Up to 10 images of your artwork with titles

• Title format: FULLNAME_TITLE_SIZE_MEDIUM_DATE_PRICE/RANGE (for multiples, please specify the edition: ie.“digital print, edition of 10”)

• A brief artist bio/statement up to 200 words with any pertinent information related to works submitted for label or catalogue copy

• Contact information including phone number/email / *website / *blog / *instagram (*if applicable)


COMMISSION: Gallery 23 will accept a 30% commission of any sales of consigned artwork during the exhibition period.


PICK UP: Unsold works will be available Wednesday, April 4th for pick up.


The exhibition opening will be held at the gallery’s West End location on Friday, March 9th, from 6:30-9:30.





Hours: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday 12.00 / 5.00 p.m. | Saturday 12.00 p.m./ 4.00 p.m.




Gallery 23 is affiliated with ESU Scotland (English Speaking Union), an international charity recognised for its schools’ educational programmes. All proceeds from art sales support the charity.


To become a member of Gallery 23, please contact:


Fee Detail: 
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