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Re:Paste is a subproject of T.R.U.St (Taranto Regeneration Urban Street), a permanent urban art festival at his second edition, which offers illustrators from all over the world the opportunity to develop an illustration that will then be exhibited throughout the city of Taranto.


This urban art container, which is active in the area since 2020, is composed by a series of murals developed by local and non-local writers, with the aim to support the most peripherical areas in the city.


In order to gather as many disciplines as possible and in conjunction with the proposed purpose, our idea is to praise for the last time the advertising spaces, which have now fallen into disuse, through illustrations dedicated to the theme of regeneration.


 We want to leave a totally free key at the interpretative level of the word "regeneration", whether on a social level or in a more intimate way, every reading is welcome, as well as the technique.


If chosen there won't be any entry fee or cachet, anyway all the costs necessary for posting and printing will be covered by us.

The deadline is set for 22 September in order to post all the works for 30 September and keep them visible in the city for 10 days.


Any media is welcome as long as the dimensions are 70x100cm (B1 format) in PDF format, to be sent to the email a.gervasio003@gmail.com.

For any questions you can contact the above email!


You can check our project upon IG: @progettotrust

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Your illustration will be posted for 10 days on billboards for the city of Taranto
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Your illustration will be posted for 10 days on billboards for the city of Taranto


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