Becky Adams | Visual and Sound artist, Voluntary Student Worker with training in theology and arts | Greater London | Art Jobs

- About -

I graduated with a First Class Honours Degree in Fine Art from Kingston School of Art, Kingston University London, in 2018. I have a diverse art practice, held together at its core by a desire to explore liminal 'in-between' spaces. My current work examines the points at which contemporary art encounters music and sound. As well as making art ranging from video and sound pieces to sculptural installations and live performance, I have a strong interest in interdisciplinary collaboration and exploration of common activities such as the relationship between a musician's score and an actor's script. I have strong interpersonal skills, meaning that besides working collaboratively in artistic settings, I also love taking a mentor role and helping others discover their potential or develop their own work. I have experience in making and showing art works in group shows, including proposing the exhibition concept through to co-curating and staging a show and related events and private views. Between September 2018 and June 2019 I worked with 'UCCF: the Christian Unions' on their Relay graduate programme, supporting students in London Art Colleges and undertaking theology and leadership training. Through this I developed skills and qualities including but not limited to: planning and delivering teaching sessions and workshops; conversational and interpersonal skills; public speaking and presentations for small and large groups; self-motivated time management and project planning; working with a team on a small, local scale (eg 5-20 people) and at larger national network level; a willingness to take on a task - big or small - and find a way to get it done to a deadline. Problem solving, whether within my own art work or in the operation of an event or scheme, is a challenge I enjoy. I like to relax by watching films, reading a book, or by playing musical instruments – I play the violin, piano, guitar, and ukulele. I also love listening to music and attending live concerts and gigs. I’m a very sociable person: meeting new people is something I enjoy. As a Christian, I view kindness and compassion as incredibly important, which impacts not only my personal relationships but my desire to work with others in diverse environments.