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International Architectural Award 2022





The Ninth International Architectural Festival and 16th International competition – Architectural Award 2022
will be held on July 23-24, 2022
Introducing the international competition web site and projects can be uploaded
from April 20, 2022
The applications can be submitted till 18:00 pm, June 15, 2022
Competition participants can submit an unlimited quantity of projects and take part in several nominations at a time
Participation in the competition is paid
Participation in the student nomination - is free

Prizes Details: 

General DescriptionThe competition aims at:

Development and dissemination of advanced urban planning, architecture, design technologies and stylistics;

Fostering of development of residential and public architecture in a wider, international context; 

Integration of Georgian architecture in the international architectural community; 

Promotion of the best projects, incorporating modern technologies and design solutions. 

The competition is open for architects and designers, forming the modern stylistics of architecture and interior design and offering innovative urban planning projects.


Competition Terms

International Architectural Award 2022 deals with residential and public architectural and design projects realized during the last years as well as interesting project solutions, requiring investments. The applications can be submitted to June 15, 2022; 

International Architectural Award 2022  is by large intended for the professionals; 

Competition participants can submit an unlimited quantity of projects and take part in several nominations at a time; 

As per the regulations of International Architectural Award 2022, competition participants are approved following the initial screening of competition works; 

Competition works should be submitted from to June 15, 2022 via e-mail and published at the competition website.

Competition Process International Architectural Award 2022 applications are screened by the Organizing Committee at the competition website. The process involves three stages:

Review of submitted projects; 

Selection of the best projects; 

Passing of awards to the prizewinners. 

Winners of International Architectural Award 2022 are identified by Professional Panel of Judges and public members. Composition of the Professional Panel is approved by association of Architects Organizing Committee, organizer of International Architectural Award 2022.

Competition works will be evaluated using a special code system; each competition work will be provided with a unique identification number and be made available for the public through competition website.

Professional Members and public Members of Judges of International Architectural Award 2022 will award represented materials from 1 to 10 points by secret vote, singling out the best work in every nomination.

- Professional Panel members have one vote.

- In case if a range of competition works includes a project by a member of International Professional Panel, then such a person does not have a right to vote for his own work (in the opposite case his vote will be cancelled).

- Evaluation/voting results will be counted automatically, identifying the prize-winning competition work.

- Authors of the competition works will be announced and published on the website only after the votes are counted.

- Decision on the final results of the competition, based on voting results and distribution of competition points, is subject to approval by the Organizing Committee of International Architectural Award 2022.Competition winning projects will be featured in STYLE Magazine.

Promotion of competition-wining projects includes:

An exhibition, dedicated to the Award Ceremony; 

Television, radio and mass-media coverage; 

Announcement of competition winners at the Award Ceremony. 

Prize pool ofInternational Architectural Award 2022 comprises the following prizes  For nomination laureates:


Competition symbol – miniature sculpture 

For participants of different nominations as identified by competition sponsors and supporters: Special diplomas 

To the attention of competition participants:

Any nomination of International Architectural Award 2022 will be cancelled if the quantity of competition works under this nomination does not exceed three. 

The authors of each project to be published at the website must be clearly identified in the application. 

In case if mass media expresses interested in the competition project or its author, the person in question should be ready to provide his comments or give an interview. 

An exhibition of the best projects in each nomination will be arranged at award ceremony of Architectural Award 2022.Nomination winners will be contacted in advance as regards production of presentation materials. 

The organizers can change competition terms, though competition participants should be informed about any change in advance.




Entry Fee:

Fee Detail:
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International Call for Installation - Festival del Tempo/Genova BeDesign Week





DiDe Distretto del Design and Festival del Tempo launch
the International Call for Residencies for the third edition of the
Genova BeDesign Week 18-22 May 2022

Deadline for submitting applications 16 April 2022


On the occasion of the Genova BeDesign Week 2022, which will take place in Genoa from May 18th to May 22nd, 2022, DiDe Distretto del Design and Festival del Tempo jointly announce an international call for proposals in order to assign residencies for the creation of installations within a part of the historic center of Genoa. These two entities, in fact, have been working for years on the social, cultural, economic and spiritual regeneration of the urban fabric in which they are inserted: in particular, this year’s edition of the Genoa BeDesign Week has taken Time as its main theme, finding clear connections with the aims and objectives of the Festival del Tempo..

The theme of the competition is focused on the relationship between body and space-time: the installations must be site-specific works that can relate to the places and the external and/or internal spaces of a part of the historic center of Genoa and that eventually involve the local community by enhancing specific identities and peculiarities. Participation in the call is free and open to all citizens resident in Italy or abroad, from 18 years of age, without limits of nationality, gender, ethnicity or religion. The residency will take place from Saturday, May 14 to Sunday, May 22, 2022: the projects will be inaugurated on May 18 and will be open to the public until May 22, throughout the duration of the Genoa BeDesign Week 2022.

The winners of the competition (the precise number will soon be communicated) will receive a prize of € 500.00, hospitality and assistance for the entire period of residency, thereby having the opportunity to participate in one of the most important events at national level and get in touch with professionals, cultural operators and companies. The deadline for applications is April 16, 2022 and all information and the call for entries are available on the websites of DiDe Distretto del Design and Festival del Tempo. 


Prize summary: 
€ 500,00
Prizes Details: 

Prize of € 500.00, hospitality and assistance


Entry Fee:

Fee Detail: 
free participation
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Artwork Commission





An invitation for expressions of interest to design a permanent outdoor artwork installation in collaboration with students and members of the community at/around a secondary school in Leytonstone. The aim of the project is to promote engagement with the school community post covid and demonstrate the school ethos.

‘We are proud, a family, a community; we are citizens. We work hard together, hands held, challenged to improve, and we improve, every day. We are the future; we shine bright; we are powerful beyond measure.’

The successful artist/designer/architect will:

• Plan and deliver series of workshops including a family drop-in workshop and in-school workshops which involve students in the research, development and design of the space/artwork

• Develop activities/prototypes to test with students

• Create the artwork, oversee fabrication and advise on installation (as necessary), considering safety and durability

The students are interested in artists/designers/makers able to create a design that:

• Creates a visual identity for the space which is representative of and celebrates the school community

• Creates a vibrant and welcoming frontage to the school building

• Is appropriate for all ages and social groups

• Is accessible

• Will be eco-friendly (in both materials and processes)

For more info see here


Entry Fee:

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Tubadzin Design Awards 2022





Tubądzin Design Awards 2022 is now open for entries!

Tubądzin Design Awards (TDA), an international competition for architects, designers and students, created to unleash their creative potential, now in the 4th edition is calling for entries.

The 4th edition of the Tubądzin Design Awards is an international competition for architects, designers and students.

Projects can be submitted in the following categories:

➜ Young Power: Category dedicated to students majoring in higher education (architecture, interior design, design). Submit your conceptual project in the areas of architecture, interior design and unusual applications of ceramic tiles!

➜ Everyday Design: Category dedicated to architects and designers. Submit your realization (or project in progress) from the area of private or public interiors concerning kitchen, bathroom or living room.

➜ Unlimited Architecture: Category dedicated to architects, interior designers and architectural offices. Submit your project (or a project in progress) from the field of cubature architecture, interior architecture, objects, elevations or unusual applications of tiles.

➜ Special category – Culture Form: Category dedicated to all groups – students, architects and designers. In this category you can submit any public or private space design inspired by culture, or even interior design elements that coexist with culture!

Submit at least one project in at least one of the TDA stages and become one of three stage winners in each category.

➜ Stage I – from 1 March 2022 to 31 May 2022
➜ Stage II – from 1 June 2022 to 31 August 2022
➜ Stage III – from 1 September 2022 to 30 November 2022

Within 4 months from the announcement of the winners of Stage III, a ceremonial gala will be held and the final results and winners of the Competition will be announced.

The competition is intended for architects, interior designers, or designers who professionally perform this profession and for students - under 30 years of age – of faculties related to architecture, interior design, or design.


The total value of awards in the TDA competition is 78 000 euro.

You can also get: trip to Tokyo, internship in Martin Duplantier Studio in Paris and in the Teatr Wielki – Polish National Opera in Warsaw, trip to the Salone del Mobile fair in Milan, high-value software sponsored by Graphisoft / WSC Sp. z o.o and CAD Projekt K&A, publications and promotion in industry magazines and social media.

There will be some other Special Awards assigned as well.

Prize summary: 
The total value of awards in the TDA competition is 78 000 euro.
Prizes Details: 

The total value of prizes in the TDA competition is 78 000 euro!

You can also get: trip to Tokyo, internship in Martin Duplantier Studio in Paris and in the Teatr Wielki - Polish National Opera in Warsaw, trip to the Salone del Mobile fair in Milan, high-value software sponsored by Graphisoft / WSC Sp. z o.o and CAD Projekt K&A, publications and promotion in industry magazines and social media.

In addition, Special Awards for Project:Facade, Challenge and Investment Scale, in the form of participation in the Cersaie Industry Fair in Bologna.


Entry Fee:

Contact & Links: 






The art project is aimed at painters, graphic artists, illustrators, etc., who use various techniques and approaches to performing creative work.

Every year the theme of the competition changes. This year’s theme is “My Reality”.

The mission of the Project is to support and help children deprived of parental care develop their creative skills in art.

The main goal of the Project is to support and promote the work of artists (artists of different genres and directions of fine arts) from everywhere, who are inspired by fantasies, fairy tales, fables, myths, life impressions, etc. and want to share their thoughts with the world.


Entry Fee:

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ESSERI URBANI develops along with the territory and for the territory. Likewise, it is also a challenge. The Apulian territory, which has peculiar features and anchors its identity to an invaluable tangible and intangible heritage, requires a proper strategy of protection and development, whose aim is to avoid speculative dynamics and to place it at the centre of a long-term project to enhance and promote its resources.

ESSERI URBANI chooses art as an instrument to read and interpret the current events and the modern world. Art can build bridges and new synergies, it can connect places, ideas, and people. Through art, ESSERI URBANI intends to be present on the territory, to support its development and innovation, and to redeem it both from a state of neglect and commodification, while triggering a process of urban and social regeneration both in places and practices.

Mandatory requirements of this projects are the strengthening of the local circuits and their integration in the touristic and accommodation offering, the promotion of the artistic culture through the planning of activities and events, the building of a stable and long-lasting network among the different subjects on the territory (with a special focus on access to culture, social inclusivity, and youth employment). This can be perceived also as a challenge: the main aim is to change the environmental and cultural heritage into an engine of sustainable self-growth.

The project finds its full expression during the Summertime through the Festival: born in 2019, ESSERI URBANI is the first Contemporary Art and Design Festival in Southern Italy to be fully inclusive and accessible to people with disabilities.

First of all, ESSERI URBANI is a chance to carry out an intense experimental research in the artistic field, by which communities, landscapes and local architectures meet the contemporary artistic languages. ESSERI URBANI challenges the curatorship practice and the artistic experience, suggesting a tangible intervention in the public space of our cities in order to read, interpret and rewrite its shape, identities and purposes. When placed in the multiform and dynamic city pattern, the artwork transforms the urban space in a place of encounter instead of mere passage. From this direct comparison, an open-air exhibition itinerary comes to life thanks to the artwork’s ability to communicate with spaces and architectures. Art insinuates itself in the urban pattern and outlines new maps and paths, and it makes us rediscover the space of everyday life and its potential. Outside galleries and museums, the artwork transforms itself: it can’t count on a container which defines and ensures its artistical status anymore, and it should adapt to a new environment, change its language, and evolve into a new form as if it were a living being. This new form is ESSERI URBANI.

The festival has been introduced during the Conferenza internazionale dei Borghi più belli del Mediterraneo and BIT Milano 2020, among the most important cultural activities by the Municipality of Locorotondo (where the first edition of the festival took place in 2019). The festival has been highlighted by Regione Puglia, as part of “TOURISM4ALL - Sviluppo di una rete transfrontaliera per la promozione di destinazioni turistiche accessibili”, financed by CBC Interreg VA Italia-Croazia 2014-2020. The 2019 edition has beenawarded “Menzione speciale Under 35” as part of Premio Cultura+Impresa 2019-2020 promoted by Federculture and The Round Table - in partnership with Fondazione Italiana Accenture e ALES -   in “Sponsorizzazione e Partnership culturale”. ESSERI URBANI is among the twenty winners of the New European Bauhaus Prizes, in the category “Mobilisation of culture, arts and communities”, and it is the only Italian project in the category “Award”.

Prize summary: 
€ 2.000
Prizes Details: 

A grant of € 2.000,00 will be given to each of the selected applicants as reimbursement of expenses for the purchase of material, transport, assembly and dismantling of the works, and its maintenance during the installation period, as well as towards any board and lodging expenses that are to be fully borne by the applicant. Should the latter wish to delegate the above- mentioned operations to third parties, costs will be deducted from the participation contribution. For this purpose, the contractors should keep and submit a copy of each payment receipt, travel ticket, etc. Otherwise, the contribution – as a whole or as the part not related to any reimbursement of expenses – will be granted, before tax, by showing the formal invoice or the receipt for professional payment.

The contribution will be granted through two instalments: the first one (25%) at the beginning of the artistic residency, and the last one (75%) at the end of the event.

In this regard the Project referent shall read and sign a contract (Appendix E) and shall stick to what has been agreed.


Entry Fee:

Fee Detail: 
€ 15
Contact & Links: 


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