Cameron Smith | Cosultant, Principal Curator, Commissioner, and Editor in Chief | Denver | Art Jobs
Country: United States
City: Denver
Industry: Commerce
Professional Title: Cosultant, Principal Curator, Commissioner, and Editor in Chief
Specialties: Excel, quickbooks, wordpress

- About -

I build. I build tables and lamps. I build relationships with friends and clients while building databases and trading strategies. I build bikes and vintage Land Cruisers and soccer squads, and once, at university, I built a residential draught dispensing appliance. I see an omnipresence of creative outlets and I try to build them into nearly every facet of my life. Although I probably do take more pleasure from the very concrete fabrications of CHUCK+JUDY, I also find an almost sinful satisfaction in programming a simple time-saving shortcut into one of my trading platforms or crafting a firm but eloquent compliance statement. I will admit, sometimes when inspiration strikes, my commitment to completing a project to the best of my ability can consume me. However, most often the sacrifices are worth it, and the diligence is unmistakable in the final product. At Cheever’s, I helped build the premiere wholesale equity desk in the industry. And as a veteran member of this team, we built a client base of loyal institutional derivative traders that insist we trade and clear nearly half of all the wholesale, delta-hedged equity volume executed in the US. With CHUCK+JUDY, I started building lamps and tables and ended up building a boutique design firm with a dedicated social media presence. At Screenless I took a personal quirk, and through writing, photography, and collaborations with other designers, I built a niche social network for a complex and fickle demographic. It took years to uncover what makes me tick, and the discovery process led me to many places that, at the time, I thought were dead ends. Today, I feel privileged to have achieved a clear understanding of my passion and genuinely fortunate that it does not constrain me to a specific skill, a narrow field, or even a single industry. Because my drive to build is so broadly applicable to the many facets of business and life in general, what most excites me most today is what I can build in the future.