Blue Summer School - Workshops

The Blue Summer School is a biennial training programme for contemporary arts that takes place in the intervening years of the Blue Summer Festival.

More geared towards performance - dance, theatre and visual arts - it aims to support training in the areas mentioned, broadening references, following trends and exploring new languages, always in close relation to the past artistic legacy.

This year's programme includes four workshops led by four renowned national and international artists: Vera Mantero, Marcelo Evelin, Jonathan Saldanha and Vasco Célio. These intensive workshops aim to promote new teaching and learning methods, encouraging artistic research and experimentation by addressing contemporary transdisciplinary issues.

Call for Contributors or Co-Producers for Emerging Artist Development

This paid opportunity invites 3-4 individuals or collectives to support a four-month long young artist development programme launching in May 2024, intended to support emerging artists finding barriers to entering creative careers, as well as new arts graduates struggling to find early career opportunities. Delivered through a combination of participant-led peer-learning workshops and three mentorship or practice development sessions, this project will offer participants reflexive mentorship and networking opportunities with artists and gallery professionals in London.

Workshop Online: Everything you need to know about curating and organising an exhibition or a pavilion at the (Venice) Biennale.

What is necessary to know about permissions, promotion, funding and more…to make a successful event.

01.07 – 24.07.2024

Deadline: 15 June 2024

The Venice Biennale is a large-scale international contemporary art exhibition. In early May, thousands of art-world denizens descend in the city for the opening of a new edition of the Biennale, the closely watched pageant of contemporary art that has been running—with a few interruptions—since 1895. The Biennale is arguably the most prestigious exhibition in the world, filled with history and also cloaked in myth.

Collage in Practice Workshop April/May 2024

The Collage in Practice Workshop April/May 2024 is a four-week, virtual/online workshop with Kolaj Institute.

The practice of collage takes on many forms. A practice will be shaped by the goals of the artist and what they want to achieve with their artwork. It will also be informed by the choice of material, scale, and subject matter. A collage practice is also informed by the history of artists who came before and how an artist chooses to be in dialogue or opposition with their creative ancestors. A working understanding of one’s practice is critical to one’s professional and artistic development.

Call for Contributors/Co-Producers for Emerging Artist Development

Are you an artist, performer, curator or researcher interested in peer learning and collaborative practices?

Call to Artists: Curating Collage Workshop 2024

Curating is a vital part of art’s function: a curator creates a bridge between artwork and audience. For artists, this process can be confusing and mysterious. The goal of the Curating Collage Workshop is to equip artists with the tools to curate their own work, to work with curators, and build exhibitions that connect with diverse audiences.


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