Art+Critique: Critical & Contextual Studies in Art Practice online course




This course integrates practice and theory to address our concepts of art and the quandaries of making and exhibiting art today. The curriculum surveys the histories and discourses of contemporary art, demystifies the art world and provides multiple entry points into critical theory. The programme fosters collaborative study and provides practical tools in workshops and group feedback sessions. The course will provide you with a solid background in essential histories and discourses of contemporary art and help you address questions about your practice and its context: about what art is, how it is judged and how it relates to society.

The course includes:

  • A programme of six participatory lectures and reading seminars
  • Group tutorials to discuss work-in-progress, followed by peer review and written feedback
  • Research and creative practice workshops on the relationship between practice and theory
  • Off-site visits to build critical skills and articulate aesthetic judgments
  • Writing workshops to develop artists’ statements, curatorial proposals and critical reviews
  • Culminating in a project presentation with a final round of discussions and feedback

By the end of the course participants will have a critical awareness of contemporary art, with a road map and toolbox of resources for their continuing practice and the confidence to pursue it independently. The course is open to everyone but it is particularly suited to those who have a background in art and wish to develop their practice.

Art + Critique: Critical and Contextual Studies in Art Practice Online course
18 Oct 2022 – 7 Mar 2023, Tuesdays 18:00-20:00 BST/GMT+1 (with 5-week winter break)
Course fee £400 / Concessions £320

For more information and to register please visit the course page. For detailed information on the schedule, lectures and reading please download the course outline. If the course fees are a barrier to your participation please get in touch so that we can find a way to make it more accessible for you.

Online via Zoom and hybrid off-site visits to museums and galleries.
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What is necessary to know about permissions, promotion, funding and more…to make a successful event.

11.10 – 04.11.2022

Deadline: 29 September 2022

The Venice Biennale is a large-scale international contemporary art exhibition. In early May, thousands of art-world denizens descend in the city for the opening of a new edition of the Biennale, the closely watched pageant of contemporary art that has been running—with a few interruptions—since 1895. The Biennale is arguably the most prestigious exhibition in the world, filled with history and also cloaked in myth.

The preview days brings 25,000 artists, collectors, curators, museum directors and journalists into the city, followed by 600,000 visitors in the six months after. For this reason it is extremely important to know how everything works.

Session 1. 11.10.22

What is the Venice Biennale and why everybody wants to be present. Identification of the keys points that all participants need to know before facing such import event.

Session 2. 14.10.2022

First step the location. How to find the ideal location. Even though the city is small, for the Venice Biennale you need to be in a good quarter. How to find the right location. Prices. The place makes the difference.

Session 3. 18.10.2022

Step 2. What do you need to know about your location. The exhibition space is in the Arsenale? Inside of the Biennale? Then is very important to know which are the rules to respect, the permissions you need and the best suppliers you can get.

Session 4. 21.10.2022

Organizing your event in a place located in the city: the things changes and there are other permissions you need to provide, rules to respect, and of course the suppliers.

Session 5. 25.10.2022

How to promote an event during the Biennale: this is the most intensive period and a part for the main exhibition organized by the Biennale, you have at least 300 more competitors. In the city during the Venice Biennale there almost 500 of shows, events and projects.

Timing and strategies is a key point in order to have a successful event.

Session 6.

Collateral events can be a good strategy to keep and attract the attention on your initiative. When is a collateral program useful for the promotion of your show and how should it work: dinners, parties, conference, workshop and presentation.

Session 7. - 01.11.2022

Venice is a tough city! No cars, therefore transports are only on boats. All about logistic: transports and suppliers. Taxi and restaurants. Hotels and flats. When you should start booking and arranging all these fundamental matters.

Session 8. - 04.11.2022

What you should not do at the Venice Biennale. Some key scenarios which should absolutely avoided.

The fee is 590 euro.

Our Online Delivery Method Online Study Lectures effectively run over the week – Tuesday and Friday from 6pm to 8pm CET – maintaining our usual tours’ focused, intensive and immersive experience.

Live Seminars - Each lecture is two hours long at the end of each lecture we will have a half an hour for questions and discussions. Your tutor will hold live seminars with you and discussions are accessed via a web-link which we will email to you. These sessions enable you to ‘meet’ your tutor and fellow students. To participate you will only need an internet enabled device; you do not need a account. If you have questions that you were not able to raise in the discussions, you will also be able to communicate with your tutor by email.

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Black Ballet Choreographers Creating


Artistic field:



This project is spearheaded by Waverly T. Lucas II with the support of Ballethnic Dance Company Incorporated. It will provide studio space and basic resources for aspiring ballet based choreographers to explore and develop the potential of ballet choreography through fusion, narrative content, and reconstructing and utilizing movements in ways to uplift and expand the ballet experience. Each choreographer will create a work from original compositions from black musicians to be performed live.

The project will begin October 1, 2022 and conclude May 20, 2023.

Submit letter of interest and bio to by September 17, 2022

Ballethnic Academy of Dance 2587 Cheney Street East Point, GA 30344
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curso de performance en Escola Massana de Barcelona | El mundo de la performance: teoría y práctica del arte de acción con Marina Barsy Janer x Isil Sol Vil





Teoría y práctica del Arte de la Performance o Arte de Acción. A través de ejercicios específicos de autoconocimiento corporal y mental se agudizará la intuición y el sentido de comunidad prestando especial atención a la parte sensitiva - energética- política de la cuerpa que habitamos. Se trabajará este arte vital a través de la escucha extrema desde el ser individual hasta el ser comunal. Esta exploración corposensorial irá conjuntamente enlazada con charlas y debates sobre las múltiples teorías corporales (cuerpx-geografía, cuerpx políticx, afectivx / afectadx, cuerpx identitarix y fronterizx, cuerpx ritual, etc.), conociendo artistas que trabajan esta práctica desde diversas geografías y realidades. La exploración generada permitirá la reapropiación de la cuerpa por parte de lxs participantes y su uso como herramienta para la creación de acciones individuales y colectivas. Se trabajará la estética, composición, concepto, motivación y realización de las acciones junto a la intervención de los espacios y el uso de objetos.

del 5-18 septiembre, 2022
_Número de horas
Escola Massana (Barcelona)
Marina Barsy Janer x Isil Sol Vil


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3-day international workshop "DRAMATURGY OF PHYSICAL ACTION"





3 - 5 August 2022

This is an incredible opportunity for performers of all backgrounds and experiences to come together and learn from each other in a truly multidisciplinary setting.

This intensive 3-day workshop will cover a wide range of topics related to physical theatre and dance, and participants will have the opportunity to put what they learn into practice in a supportive and fun environment.

ArtUniverse can offer scholarships of up to 90 euros and to receive it fill in the form: Your application will be considered within three working days.

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Up to 90 euros scholarships
Grand Studio, Brussels - Belgium
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Call to Artists: Collage in Practice Workshop


Artistic field:




A three-week, virtual/online workshop with Kolaj Institute in July & August 2022
Deadline to apply: Sunday, July 17, 2022

The practice of collage takes on many forms. A practice will be shaped by the goals of the artist and what they want to achieve with their artwork. It will also be informed by the choice of material, scale, and subject matter. A collage practice is also informed by the history of artists who came before and how an artist chooses to be in dialogue or opposition with their creative ancestors. A working understanding of one’s practice is critical to one’s professional and artistic development.

Intended as a clinic for working artists at any level, participants in this workshop will explore how they go about making art and putting it out into the world. How to make a living as an artist? How to get your work seen? How to get an exhibition? How to get reviewed? How to make a life for yourself as an artist? What does that even mean? These are some of the challenges artists face when they want to take their art practice to the next level. 

Participants will explore critical concepts and collage taxonomies as a way to develop and refine the language they use to talk about their own practice and to develop a broad view of the creative landscape in which they operate. How does choice of material inform how the artwork is exhibited? How does one speak about their process so that it is understood by other art professionals and the general public? How can one use art history to create a critical context for one’s artwork?

Participants will finish the workshop with a deeper understanding of their practice, a strong statement of practice that can be used to communicate with curators, editors, and art professionals; a portfolio of consistent artwork (or a plan to make one); and tools for growing or developing their practice.


Dates: July 25 – August  14, 2022

Tuesday, July 26, 4-5PM EDT
Wednesday, July 27, 4-6PM EDT
Tuesday, August 2, 4-6PM EDT
Wednesday, August 3, 4-6PM EDT
Wednesday, August 10, 4-6PM EDT

The workshop will begin with an invitation to join the Slack workspace on Monday, July 25th, followed by a one hour, online Meet & Greet on Tuesday, July 26th, 4-5PM EDT. 

The Introduction and Orientation session will take place on Wednesday, July 27th, 4-6PM EDT. 

The remaining sessions will take place on August 2nd, 3rd, and 10th, from 4-6PM EDT. 

The Slack workspace will be turned off on August 14th and any future communication will be through email. 

Artists are expected to attend all scheduled sessions and complete assignments. The group will finish the workshop with a strong statement of practice that can be used to communicate with curators, editors, and art professionals and a portfolio of consistent artwork (or a plan to make one). By participation in the workshop, artists grant Kolaj Institute, Kolaj Magazine, and Maison Kasini permission to publish images and text generated during the workshop in book form and in the promotion of future projects and books. Any original work made during the workshop remains the property of the individual artists with all rights retained.

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