Clémence | Clémence Juglet, dancer and choreographer | Paris | Art Jobs
Country: France
City: Paris
Industry: Dance
Professional Title: Clémence Juglet, dancer and choreographer
Specialties: Dancer Choreographer

- About -

My name is Clémence Juglet, I'm 23 years old. I'm dancer and choreographer from Paris, in France. I've been working on my new and first solo dance piece 'The Other" since 2018, performed in few festivals in Paris, Macedonia, Holland, Spain, Turkish and Mexico. I'm working with Ongaeshi which is an artistic collective specialized in dance, music and video, created by Robin Betelu (composer and musician), with Morgan Eloy(Video Producer) and Alexis Gueye (dancer) I choreographed for AEAFC events (Artistic exchanges between France and China)