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Mr.R I L Primrose


During the past Nine years my wife has had to give up her work(survive life with cries for help incidents!!)Learnt to not always trust the medical profession, especially when she has been wheeled from ward to ward,hospital to hospital.

She has Fowlers syndrome which is a condition that  affects her bladder .She had a bladder pace-maker which went wrong and affected her mobility and

MENTAL HEALTH...she was always my ROCK..and Now I have to be her Rock.This photo was taken in Leicester Royal Infirmary Hospital Accident and Emergency ,and now got blood clots...and all I do is be the one to sit in hospitals...Mental Health can affect any of us... My wife and I were career driven successful people...She now cannot work and uses the "Crisis Team".We wait for her operation to come  to bring back some of her life...I work as a Support Worker for Adults with Learning Difficulties(Key Worker)and Complex Issues. 

Bruce Lee said"Dont prey for an easy life.Pray for the strength to get through it."
I understand Tyson Fury,the need to do exercise to release Seretonin,endorphins and coping with life's dark Caves and the chink of light in the long underground tunnel of 2020
Elemental, Creative Spiritual Being of Resilience and Positivity through Adversity
Born in Edinburgh(with a love ofRober the Brice) and live in England