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Sheroes in Quarantine



Sheroes in Quarantine is Lon-art’s first online exhibition dedicated to highlighting women’s issues and roles during the Covid-19 social crisis. 

There is no time like the present and at Lon-art, we feel that now is the moment to re-think how our current society is structured and reinvent the way we co-exist with one another. Creativity, activism and community foster these possibilities and invite the re-imagining of a society that works for all – a prospect in reach.

We believe that now is the time to reinvent the way we live and interact with each other. We need creative minds, activists and community to facilitate the imagining of a more sustainable society, where nature, women and marginalised groups are not only considered in policy, but part of decision-making.

Sheroes in Quarantine showcases 14 women artists and their respective 14 herstories; 14 reflections for the 14 days that represent a marker to save lives, our healthcare, and the future of our societies as we know it. These herstories uncover the impact that lockdown and isolation are having on artists’ creativity and practice; the risks that the quarantine is posing to women; the consequences of capitalism in women’s everyday lives, now brought to the fore, and the gendered lense around mental ill-health. This project is a homage to these diaries of personal narratives the 14 exhibited artists have been so brave to share.


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