Georgina Fay | Georgie Fay, Head of Education | London | Art Jobs
Country: United Kingdom
City: London
Industry: Arts & Culture
Professional Title: Georgie Fay, Head of Education
Specialties: print, Etching, Installation

- About -

I am a participatory artist and printmaker, and run workshops and activities drawing on my practice with adults, young people and children in and around central London. Participation, sharing and socially engaged practice is at the heart of my work and this collaborative approach has shaped the particular themes and processes my work explores. My art practice is both installation and print-based, and currently researches the themes of ‘Loss of Imagination’, 'Finding Home', 'Mapping our World' and understanding 'Nature versus Man-made'. All these themes are derived from my own engagement with the world around me; from the city pavement to the flight pattern of migrating birds; from everyday journeys we take for granted to global travelling and experiencing unfamiliar landscapes. The art and photographs created in my participatory workshops, and the ideas we as a group have formed and reflected upon together are a form of inspiration to me for the print-based work I then produce in the studio. The printmaking studio enables me to use traditional methods as a means of translating participatory projects into something more representative and less ephemeral. In the studio I use traditional intaglio techniques to transform photography, digital imagery and found materials into etchings, using drawing and mark making to explore the contrast between digital and analogue. The resulting artwork can produce new ideas and inspiration which I then take back to the workshop further developing my practice. I am currently interested in developing projects in which nature, science and art collide. I am keen to explore nature and the way in which humans process the natural world, attempting to make sense of it through scientific and artistic means as a starting point to create a series of heavily processed prints and etchings. My installation work and print-making practice is both informed by and shapes my participatory work, bringing the prints out of the frames and into the real world – taking our imaginations with us!