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$17-$19 per hour

The Currier Museum of Art seeks and Assistant Preparator to Assist the Chief Preparator & Exhibition Designer with all art handling responsibilities, including the installation and maintenance of exhibits, the preparation of objects to be exhibited, preparation of galleries and construction of exhibit furniture.


1. With the Chief Preparator & Exhibition Designer, acts as one of two primary art handlers.

2. With the Chief Preparator & Exhibition Designer, prepares artwork for display using proper and current methods; mat, mount, frame works on paper.

3. Assists with all aspects of exhibition installation, including art movement, unpacking, hanging, lighting, display construction, label production, installation of signage and documentation photography. Assists with installing works of art implementing the current museum standards.

4. Assists with maintaining the appearance of galleries, including regular dusting, vitrine cleaning, light changes, and paint touch-ups. Assists with the interior and exterior upkeep of the Frank Lloyd Wright properties (Zimmerman House and Kalil House.) Monitors gallery environment by tracking data loggers.

5. Assists in the loading and unloading of all art shipments, and the packing and unpacking of all works of art. May occasionally be called upon to transport art.

6. Assists with collection photography as needed.

7. Assists Chief Preparator & Exhibition Designer in maintaining a safe, clean and organized preparation space and storage space for supplies and exhibition furniture and lighting. With Chief Preparator & Exhibition Designer, regularly cleans art storage areas.

8. Keeps informed of museum standards and procedures involving art installation, movement and care.

9. Performs other duties within stated SCOPE of position as assigned by Registrar or Chief Preparator & Exhibition Designer, including occasionally working with other departments in non-collection art installations and signage.


Completed or pursuing BA/BFA in Art, Art History, Museum Studies, or a related field.

Previous experience with exhibition installation

1+ years of art handling experience.

Ability to work in a fast- paced environment, meet deadlines and work on multiple projects simultaneously.

Knowledge of matting and framing techniques, mount-building, installation hardware and photography desired.

Ability to lift and carry at least 70 pounds, climb ladders and work on high lifts.

Job Type: Full-time


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