jonny | Professional Artist | Newcastle Upon Tyne | Art Jobs
Country: United Kingdom
City: Newcastle Upon Tyne
Industry: Art Direction
Professional Title: Professional Artist
Specialties: comic strips

- About -

My name is Jonny, I am an Award Winning professional artist and Nominated Entrepreneur. My use of medium and style mixes traditional pencil portraiture and modern comic strip / pop art. I work in a verity of mixed mediums, mainly a section of graphite/pencils, watercolors and copic markers, My work often employs bold lines, soft shading and warm coloring. This trendy style makes my work highly commercial and collectible. I have been commissioned by the UK's biggest companies, councils and authorities. My private collectors include political figures, celebrities and footballers. My work has exhibited in many cities around the UK, including London, Edinburgh and I have a strong following of customers and collectors in the USA.