Juan | Style Editor at Forbes Media, Artist, Graphic Artist | New York City | Art Jobs
Country: United States
City: New York City
Industry: Beauty & Cosmetics
Professional Title: Style Editor at Forbes Media, Artist, Graphic Artist
Specialties: production, Social Media and Visual Design

- About -

Juan Benson is an American strategic, multidisciplinary designer with an eye for content creation particularly known for his contributions in brand identity design. Making visual impact drives his work. Juan was born in Puerto Rico where he developed his inherent creative enthusiasm. He materialized how powerful aesthetics from both nature and architecture form a world of their own. In 2002, Juan moved to NYC advancing his education and establishing himself as a graphic designer by combining various styles and techniques as the key initiative to follow an idea and clarifying the content of each project. Given his education in Visual Communications & Graphic Design, Juan started working independently designing products for the fashion, media and hospitality industry. His work experience included marketing campaigns for Nielsen Media as well as the renowned interactive art collaboration exhibited at The New York Historical Society At present, Juan is the style editor at Forbes Media. At Forbes, Juan co-produces and styles Forbes magazine cover and fashion editorial pages in which he achieved valuable experience in the marketing aspect of the fashion industry. What distinguishes him from others in his field of expertise is that he treats communication as method of exploring and researching how visual media drive consumer’s aspirations.